10 Female MMA Fighters Hotter Than Ronda Rousey

While Ronda Rousey is all the rage, with her toned body, kick-ass attitude and huge smile, even after losing to Holly Holm, there are other MMA fighters who are just as hot or hotter than the coveted Ronda Rousey. This bevy of beauties fight like their lives depend on it, with rock-hard abs, chiseled legs and arms and faces that would met the polar ice caps. Hailing from mostly from the U.S., with one very hot Aussie, these woman could beat most men into submission, but spend their time knocking out other hot, fit MMA fighters. On the side many of them are into other types of fighting like wrestling and kickboxing, but also have careers as models, broadcasters and actresses. These 10 hot women could be said to be hotter than the very-sexy Ronda Rousey, but attractiveness is definitely subjective. Take a look at the list yourself to see who you would rather see in the ring next. Let me warn you though, this list is hot, so don't get burned!

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11 Felice Herrig

via forums.sherdog.com

Coming out of Illinois, Felice Herrig is a blonde bombshell. She is ranked #9 in the world in the female strawweight division and has a very impressive 23 wins out of 28 fights. She was a professional kickboxer before turning to MMA fighting and was an amateur champion in the International Kickboxing Federation. You can play her character in the video game Supremacy MMA for Xbox and PlayStation. Also known as Lil' bulldog, Felice claims she is a fitness fanatic and it definitely shows! Looking good in a bikini, shorts or a red-carpet dress, Felice is a well-rounded and sexy MMA fighter. She also loves posing with fans and heading to gym openings.

10 Gina Carano

via mmamania.com

This beauty is not only a fighter, but an actress, and a good one at that. Recently seen in the new Deadpool movie, she's also been in Fast & the Furious 6, Haywire and had a starring role in In the Blood. Born in Dallas, Texas, Gina is now 34 years old and a was a women's featherweight in Muay Thai and Gaidojutsu. She was once seen as the face of women's MMA, long before Ronda took that position and was ranked at #5 on a list of 2008's most influential women on Yahoo. She's appeared in Maxim magazine and was once voted "hottest woman in America" by Big Biz America. A fight with Ronda Rousey was once in the works, but never materialized. While 2008 was one of Gina's biggest years, she is only getting hotter from here after her starring role as Angel Dust. Look out for her!

9 Rose Namajunas

via usatoday.com

Recently picking up the biggest win of her career after beating Tecia Torres in Florida, Rose Namajunas is known for her super-big smile and her #3 status in the official UFC strawweight rankings. A competitor who knows her fighting styles, she sports top belts in Taekwondo, Karate and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. At only 23-years-old, she's had five wins and only two losses. Hailing from Wisconsin, this fit beauty was almost crowned the Ultimate Fighter, but lost right at the end. She could look like the girl next door if you didn't know that she could kick the crap out of you.

8 Michelle Waterson

via thesportsmash.co.uk

Known as karatehottiemma on Instagram, this MMA hottie says she is an MMA loving mother and wife. You wouldn't know she's a mom from her rock-hard abs and smokin' bootie, but her recent Kickstarter documentary Fight Mom tells a different story. Hailing from Colorado, the 5'3" MMA fighter has an impressive number of wins. Fighting 17 times, she's only lost four times. Her rise to fame came when she starred on the Oxygen Network's Fight Girls reality show, and she kept rising through the ranks where she became the Invicta FC Atomweight Champion. A recent knee injury has kept her out of the ring.

7 Laura Sanko

via jellyshare.com

Gorgeous, blonde Laura Sanko is no longer a pro fighter, but spends her time reporting on MMA. Laura is now the Invicta FC's post-fight, in-cage interviewer and she definitely looks good doing it. Winning her one and only pro fight, Laura backed out of her second fight after becoming pregnant (quite a good reason). From Kansas City, Dorothy has nothing on Laura, who flaunts her coiffed look at all the latest fights and looks amazing on a horse (she also rides).

6 Miesha Tate

via hustletv.com

29-year-old Miesha Tate is also known as Cupcake or Takedown and both suit the current Bantamweight Champion. She won the Female Fighter of the Year award in 2011 at the World MMA awards and her fight with Ronda Rousey has been talked about extensively, also winning best fight awards. Originally a high school wrestler, Miesha has an impressive 18 wins. Labeled the "most beautiful woman in MMA" in 2013 by Fitness Gurls magazine, this sexy fighter also appeared completely nude in the 2013 ESPN Body Issue. She now has sponsorship deals with Nascar and Budweiser and is dating fellow UFC fighter Brian Caraway. The squinty-eyed cutie also has quite the Instagram feed, where she says she "punches faces for a living".

5 Bec Rawlings

via mixedmartialarts.com

This fighter has her own style, with a unique look and a sexy Australian accent. She has been known to sport pink, purple, green and silver hair and sometimes no hair at all, but her killer tattooed body is top of the ranks. She is known for her Australian MMA fighter Dan Hyatt, Bec realized she wanted to be an MMA fighter as well. She was athletic as a child, but had bodyweight issues and getting into fighting helped her literally tackle these. She's since separated from Hyatt and found a new Australian MMA fighter to take his place, but those two have also separated.

4 Cassie Robb

via mixfighter.com

Cassie "The Hulk" Robb has a sexy look, but a mean punch. While she's lost all three of her professional fights, including the one Laura Sanko fight, she still looks pretty sexy doing all that losing. At 5'5" and 105lbs, she is pure muscle and fitness. At 25-years-old, she hasn't done much fighting in the last couple of years, but with those looks, maybe she'll move on to something more lucrative.

3 Carla Esparza

via mmafighting.com

Mexican, Ecuadoran, Irish and from California, Carla Esparza is one hot ticket! She is currently the #9-ranked pound-for-pound female MMA fighter in the world and #2 ranked female strawweight. She also started out as a high school wrestler, winning many local tournaments, but began training for MMA in college. She won the Ultimate Fighter after beating Rose Namajunas (also featured in this list). While she has an impressive number of MMA wins and championships, including 2014 Female Fighter of the Year, she was out of the game after having shoulder surgery. But, she'll be back in it this month in UFC 197 against Juliana Lima. Also known as The Cookie Monster, her body doesn't show that she eats too many cookies! The 28-year-old weighs just 115lbs.

2 Paige VanZant

via sports.yahoo.com

This 22-year-old mixed martial artist hailing from the good ol' state of Oregon, is a force to be reckoned with. Currently ranked No. 8 in the UFC Strawweight division, she has been fighting professionally since 2012. Originally brought up as a dancer, Paige held on to her tomboy ways and did a lot of dirt biking, fishing and hunting. Often bullied, Paige took to fighting to defend herself. She's now one of the top UFC fighters, a model for the likes of Nike and Columbia Sportswear and is not too shabby to look at. With blonde hair, green eyes and a killer smile, this west coast beauty has a stunning Instagram feed worth checking out.


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