MIchael Jordan Hall of Fame Speech

A night to remember as  Michael Jordan, accepted the honor of being inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame . He first thought to come up on stage, say thank you and graciously walk off, but had a second thought, after all this was his night.

As Michael walked up to make his speech he felt a need to say more than thank you. During his Hall of Fame Speech held in Springfield Massachusetts, he commented on his high school days. On how his coach cut him from the varsity and vividly state, noting "you made a mistake dude".

He mentioned a few of his famous quotes; "Obstacles don't have to stop you. If you run into the wall, don't turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb, go through it or work on it".

He was in tears thanking his friends and family who had continuously stood by him. Reaching out to Jeffrey, Marcus, his children and and Jasmine their mom as well. He expressed an intense love for all of them and how valuable their support had been. The marriage failed which put them on hold, but Jordan reassured his kids "that all is well for the family in time."

Jordan stated a positive quote before exiting the stage. "Never say never. Because limits, like fears are just an illusion".

The speech has been noted as amazing by some and deplorable by others, but Michael has noted that he was content with his speech, for he was glad for the last minute change, and proud he said what he had wanted to say.

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MIchael Jordan Hall of Fame Speech