LeBron James Workout

An NBA champ, NBA Finals MVP, Four-time NBA MVP, LeBron James indeed was born with a physical talent. Nevertheless, LeBron James never skips the hard work in the gym. His power, strength and agility have not come easily though, behind his talent and athleticism is workout and training. LeBron James' workout comes with sacrifice and extreme effort.

When your career is based off of your physical performance, workouts and diet must change frequently, therefor this is just a taste of what it takes to keep this NBA star at his peak of health. His workout is not only based off but include these daily workouts.

Weekday Workouts


Superset 1


Do as many reps as your can.

2) Pullup

Aim for 10 reps.

Superset 2

1) Dumbbell Snatch

Aim for 5 reps with each arm.

2) Single Arm Cable Row

Do 10 reps with each arm.


Superset 1

1) Dumbbell Squat

Do 8 to 12 reps.

2) Swiss Ball Hip raise and Leg Curls

Do 12 reps.

Superset 2

1) Dumbbell StepUp

Do 10 reps with each leg.

2) Single Leg Standing Dumbbell Calf Raise

Do 12 reps with one leg before repeating with the other leg.


Superset 1

1) Dumbbell Incline Bench Press

Do 10 reps.

2) Lat Pulldown

Do 10 reps.

Superset 2

1) Single Arm Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Do 6 to 8 reps before repeating with the other arm.

2) Single Arm Neutral Graip Dumbbell Row and Rotation

Do 10 reps on each side.


Superset 1

1) Single Leg Squat

Aim for 5 reps per leg.

2) Single Leg Swiss Ball Leg Curl

Aim for 10 reps with each leg.

Superset 2

1) Dumbbell Side Lunge

Do 10 reps in each direction.

2) Unstable Jump Rope

Skip rope for 45 seconds on a cushion surface, such as a stretching mat. The instability will help strengthen your ankles.









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LeBron James Workout