LeBron James Salary

LeBron James is one of the most dominant athletes on the court. He has earned  millions of dollars from his endorsement deals and investments.

As an NBA player LeBron James' annual salary  according to ESPN report is $17,545,000 million . Which means he makes more money while he is off the court.  LeBron James earned twice his NBA salary from his endorsements last year amounting to $33 million from the huge company of Nike, Samsung and Dunkin Donuts.

Lebron James professional career started in 2003playing for The Cleveland Cavaliers  where his salary then was $12,961,080 for the first three NBA seasons. LeBron James remained in Cleveland Cavaliers until 2010.

By summer of  2010  LeBron officially entered Miami Heat and led the Miami Heat  to the NBA champion in victory in 2012.  LeBron James is a forward for the Miami Heat. As Miami Heat Team player LeBron James has the following annual Salary:

Sports Illustrated May 2013: $56,545,00

Forbes Jan. 2013: $57.6 million

Forbes May 2012: $53 million

2012 earnings according to Forbes: $52 million

2011 earnings according to Forbes: $48 million

2010 earnings according to Forbes: $43 million.




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LeBron James Salary