Lebron James Earns Additional $52,564 as Finals MVP

Wining the 2013 NBA Finals MVP, Miami Heat star LeBron James is expected to earn a $52,564 increase in his net worth this year. Adding to that is an increase in his salary for the 2013-204 NBA season.

He was the second-highest earning athlete in 2013 with over $56 million.

Reports said the 2012 playoff pool was at $13 million. GoBankingRates has shown a breakdown of the pool as follows:

- Teams with best record in its conference: $328,078

- Team with best record overall: $347,947

- Teams participating in the first round: $194,016

- Teams participating in the second round (Conference Semifinals): $230,853

- Teams participating in third round (Conference Finals): $381,482

- Winning team in NBA Finals: $2,302,232

- Total team NBA Championship Winnings: $3,784,608.

The former Cleveland Cavalier’s player has a net worth of $120 million. He has transferred to the Miami Heat in 2011. Since then, he has given the team two consecutive championship titles, with him earning two championship rings and two Finals MVP trophies.

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Lebron James Earns Additional $52,564 as Finals MVP