Kobe Bryant Rings

The unending debate on who is a better player, Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan has come to an end…temporarily.

Everyone has their own opinions and statistics to show, but if there is one person who has the authority to speak about them, it is their former coach Phil Jackson.

In his new book “Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success," Phil wrote a comparative analysis of the two players.

Jackson was responsible for Michael’s six championships with the Chicago Bulls and Kobe’s five rings with the Los Angeles Lakers.

According to Jackson, Jordan is tougher, a better defender and has superior leadership skills.  While Bryant is a stubborn player who aims for 10 rings and has always wanted to surpass Jordan’s record.

And then there’s another debate on Kobe Bryant vs Lebron James. But when the choice comes from the mouth of NBA’s best player, Michael Jordan, then it is more than legitimate.


Recently, Kobe faced a rift with his mother, Pamela Bryant, when the latter decided to auction his house, jerseys, championship rings and other memorabilia from the Los Angeles Lakers for $1 million without his permission.

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