Vintage Hockey Card Collect to be sold for Millions

Collector Simon Bourque's "Holy Grail" of hockey collector cards, was recently put up for auction in a local Montreal auction house. The collection is expected to be sold for millions, and it is expected to draw in major appeal from the buyer market. It is said to be the greatest collection of cards assembled, and it is going to be sold to the highest bidder.


Pre-second world war rare cards are among the collection, and a 1923 - 24 Bert Corbeau card is also available in the auction set. Only a handful of these cards are known to exist around the world, and for the true hockey fan, you can place your bid on them. The short printed Corbeau card is a major highlight in the collector set, but it is only one of the many that are available in this auction. For fans and collectors alike, if you are willing to spend, the set could be yours for a few million dollars.

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Vintage Hockey Card Collect to be sold for Millions