Top 10 Most Bizzare NHL Records Ever

Oh the records, we are always quick to remember records with meaning and importance in the National Hockey League. There have been so many great historical achievements in the NHL such as Teemu Selanne's 76-goal rookie season with the Jets, Wayne Gretzky’s 894 career goals, Marty Brodeur’s record of 669 wins and counting, and even Alex Moginly's quickest ever goal at the start of a game at 4 seconds in 1991.

Some historical teams have put up some tremendous records as well. The Red Wings in the 95-96 season put up a record 62 wins, and most recently broke the record for most consecutive home wins at 23 games in the 2011-2012 season. The Pittsburgh Penguins broke the record for most consecutive wins at 17 in the 92-93 season, and the 76-77 Montreal Canadians hold the record for most points all-time in a single season at 132 - the same team also holds the record for fewest loses at 8.

These are certainly some of the great records that will never be forgotten and may never be surpassed, but today we'll look at something else, the most bizarre NHL records of all time. If you thought some of these unbreakable records were impressive, just wait until you read this list of crazy records that may never even come close to being repeated! Enjoy

10 Most Different Teams Played For

So I think it’s safe to say, Mike Sillinger has been around the block. No hockey player in the world has played for more different teams than Mike. Brace yourself for this list of teams Sillinger has played for throughout his 17-year career spanning over 1,000 games: the Red Wings, Ducks, Canucks, Flyers, Lightning, Panthers, Senators, Blue Jackets, Coyotes, Blues, Predators and last but not least, the New York Islanders. Sillinger was traded 9 times in his lengthy NHL career. In 2008 Mike decided to finally go back home to Regina Saskatchewan and stay put for a while, retiring in his home town. What a record.

9 Most Penalty Minutes By a  Goalie

What a career for Ron Hextall. In addition to making this list of bizarre records, the net-minder has a couple of other achievements that will stand in the record books forever, such as being the first goalie in history to score a goal in the 1987-88 season versus the Bruins. Aditionally, Hextall was the first ever goalie to record a playoff goal against the Capitals.

Ron changed the game of hockey for goalies. His puck handling skills have inspired a future generation of goalies following him. Hextall currently holds the NHL record for points by a goaltender at 28. But despite these great accomplishments, Hextall will commonly be remembered by many for his aggressive style of play in the net. Hextall holds the NHL record at 476 career penalty minutes, picking up 113 of those penalties in the 88-89 season. He also holds the NHL record for most penalty minutes in a single season by a goalie. What a career for the always entertaining Manitoba native.

8 Largest Goal-Assist Differential

Nothing defined a sniper more than the Golden Brett Hull. Hull revolutionized the word “sniper” by constantly having a “shoot first” mentality throughout his illustrious career. Hull scored 40-plus goals in 8 different seasons including, 72 goals in 89-90, 86 goals in 90-91 and 70 goals in 91-92, all these statistics being recorded while wearing a St. Louis Blues jersey. In Hull’s career-high goal season in 90-91, he set a record scoring 86 goals while tallying 45 assists. This was the biggest goal and assist differential by a player at 41, the largest gap in NHL history. Hull finished his career in the same light with 741 of his 1391 career points being goals. He remains truly one of the most memorable snipers of all time.

7 Least Road Wins in a Season

This Ottawa team set records in the 1992-93 season, for all the wrong reasons. Returning to the NHL and winning their first regular season game led to an inspiring start for the team. Unfortunately, it all went downhill for them after that. The Sens would go on to have a record-breaking season that year with the longest home losing streak at 11 games, the longest road losing streak at 38 games and finally, the most bizarre record of them all, one road win all season, coming against the New York Islanders. The team would go on to win 9 at home, leaving a legacy as one of the worst teams to ever be assembled in NHL history. But still nothing compared to the next entry on this list.

6 Lowest Team Point Total in NHL History

The Washington Capitals' pathetic 21 points in the 74-75 season not only earned them a reputation as one of the worst teams of all time, but also broke the NHL record for fewest points in a single season. Like the 1992-93 Senators after them, this statistic was recorded in the franchise's first year, and they picked up 8 wins and 67 losses along the way. The scouting for this expansion team may go down as the worst of all time. The team was so bad that they considered the entire expansion to be a mistake after the first season ended. This team was dead last in the Norris Division, trailing the second last placed team, the Detroit Red Wings, by 37 points. This Capitals team is recognized for being the worst NHL team ever assembled in history.

5 Most Shorthanded Goals on the Same Penalty Kill

It took the Bruins 64 seconds in the 2009-2010 season to set an NHL record, scoring 3 shorthanded goals during the same penalty kill against the Carolina Hurricanes. Daniel Paille, Blake Wheeler and Steve Begin all contributed on the PK, setting up this extraordinary record that may never be duplicated. Matt Hunwick told his teammates before heading to the box, “hey boys, kill this one for me”, man oh man did the Bruins do that for him and more. Hunwick said jokingly following the game, “you never want the penalties, but wow." Begin as well, jokingly added after the game, “I heard they’re going to put us on the power play now." Truly a remarkable and bizarre recent record put up by the Boston Bruins.

4 Most Consecutive Goalless Games

We've heard of players going through many games without a goal, but the Devils' legendary defenseman takes the cake going 255 games without scoring a goal until he finally put one in the net against the Buffalo Sabres, solidifying his NHL record. This goal came in October of 2002, with his previous goal coming against the Canucks in February of 1999. Daneyko surpassed Rich Pilon, who had held the undesirable record at 245 games. Despite this disappointing stat, Daneyko managed to have a great career, being relied on for his great leadership and hard-nosed style of play. Daneyko was a very popular player, being nicknamed “Mr. Devil” because of his franchise-leading 1,283 games played, all with New Jersey. Derek Boogaard came close to this record in the 2010-2011 season going 234 games before finally scoring.

3 Only Goalie to "Score" a Game-Winning Goal

Throughout his Hall of Fame career, Marty Brodeur has set many memorable records, such as: most regular season wins, most regular season shutouts, most career saves and most goals by a goaltender. Marty is also the only goalie to reach 600 wins. Brodeur has pretty much set the bar for every single goaltending category there is, but there is one specific accomplishment which remains the most bizarre on his resume, one that may never be broken: his game winning goal scored against the Philadelphia Flyers in February of 2000. After the Flyers put the puck in their own net, Brodeur was credited as being the last player to touch the puck, giving him the game-winning goal that night. Just another accomplishment added to this Hall of Fame resume.

2 5 Goals in 5 Different Ways in One Game

What a record this is, folks. Perhaps one of the most bizarre and craziest you’ll ever see. New Years Eve 1988, against the New Jersey Devils, Mario Lemieux accomplished a feat no player had ever done before, scoring 5 goals in every way possible. Mario scored a power play goal, a shorthanded goal, an even strength goal, a penalty shot goal, and finally an empty-netter. That same season, Lemieux tied the NHL record for most goals and points in a postseason game with 8. Wow, what a year, and what a career for one of the greatest players to ever put his skates on the ice.

1 Fastest Hat-Trick in NHL History

This one goes down as one of the most bizarre and greatest in-game records of all time. It was the final game of the season for the Chicago Blackhawks, having to deal with, yet again, another last place finish. Despite this, something magical happened that night in Madison Square Garden, on March 23, 1952. Bill Mosienko didn’t just score a natural hat-trick, he did it in just 21 seconds, achieving one of the greatest accomplishments in NHL history. The MSG crowd cheered, out of respect and littered the ice with hats in celebration of this incredible record. Unbelievably, Mosienko almost scored a fourth 45 seconds later, only to see the puck ring off the goalpost. The Ukrainian-Canadian was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1965, and his legacy and record will never be forgotten.

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