Top 15 Hottest NHL WAGS of 2015

Life is good when you are in your 20s or 30s, doing a job you love, being on TV, maintaining a killer body and making a ton of money. Welcome to the life of an NHL hockey player. These guys drive the craziest cars, live in amazing houses, travel constantly, have thousands of fans and land endorsement deals all the time. It seems, however, that these are not the only perks of playing in the National Hockey League. If you play your cards right, you might actually end up with a wife or girlfriend who is absurdly good looking, smart and talented. Some of the boys in the NHL have really hit the jackpot when it comes to life partners.

This is a list (in no particular order) of some of the hottest wives and girlfriends in the NHL and the players that they're with. Let it be known, though, that there are way more than 10 that deserve to be known for how amazing they are. These ladies are beautiful, talented and often have impressive careers of their own. Some are even way more famous than their NHL counterparts.


15 Janet Jones - Married to Wayne Gretzky

Janet Jones is an actress who is known for her roles in  A League of Their Own, Police Academy 5 and 2006’s Alpha Dog alongside Justin Timberlake. Janet spends much of her time working with a charity called MOVE (Mobile Opportunities Via Education) that assists disabled children.

In 1984, she met The Great One, Wayne Gretzky, and the couple married 4 years later. They have 5 children together. Wayne is known across the league as the greatest player in history.

14 Jenny Scrivens - Married to Ben Scrivens


Jenny Scrivens is married to Edmonton Oilers goalie Ben Scrivens. In 2014, there was some commotion when a blogger wrote a nasty article claiming that there was some trouble between the two when Ben got traded to Edmonton from LA. However, Ben responded, making it clear that they’re doing fine.

Jenny now works for the Ronald MacDonald House charity - a noble cause. Moving to Edmonton has been an adjustment for the southern California native, but it seems like she's embraced her new community with open arms.

13 Nicole Brown - Married to Dustin Brown


Nicole Brown is the awesome mother of 4 who runs the show in the Brown household. She has garnered much fandom since a YouTube video called “The Family - NHL Revealed, Episode 2” was released. She can be seen in the upcoming Hockey Wives TV show alongside Noreen DeWoulf, Maripier Morin and other notable entries on this list.

Dustin Brown (30) is the captain of the defending Stanley Cup champion LA Kings. Both he and Nicole are involved in extensive charity work, for which Brown has received several awards.

12 Candace Cameron - Married to Valeri Bure


Candace Cameron, while having appeared on a very long list of TV shows and movies, is best known for her role as D.J. Tanner on the beloved sitcom Full House throughout the '90s. Last year, she finished in 3rd place on Dancing With the Stars. Her most recent film appearance is in To The Wall, which was released in January 2015.

In 1996, Cameron married Russian hockey player Valeri Bure after meeting him at a charity hockey game. The couple has three children.


11 Kodette LaBarbera - Married to Jason LaBarbera


Kodette is an awesome mother, autism awareness activist and philanthropist. She can be seen on the upcoming reality TV series Hockey Wives alongside some of the other entries on this list.

Her husband, Jason LaBarbera currently plays for the Anaheim Ducks. At 35 LaBarbera is somewhat of a journeyman goaltender, having played for 6 other NHL teams in his nearly 15-year career.

10 Maripier Morin - Dating Brandon Prust


Maripier Morin is a Québecoise actress who made her television debut in 2006 on the Canadian show Occupation Double, a reality program that combines elements of Big Brother and The Bachelor. After that, she worked as a model on a Quebec version of Deal or No Deal called Le Banquier. Since then, she has been a morning television star and TV personality. She is stunningly beautiful in a Canadian girl-next-door kind of way.

She is currently dating the powerful and quick-to-fight Brandon Prust of the Montréal Canadiens. He joined the team in 2012 after playing for a few other clubs. Prust has since been one of the most important forwards on the team and has doled a number of legendary fights and huge hits.

9 Brenna McGuire - Married to Brandon Dubinsky


Brenna is the granddaughter of legendary coach Al McGuire and is herself an extremely impressive athlete. She played basketball for the University of Virginia where she stands in 2nd place for most all-time 3 pointers. She was also known for being killer on defense. Since then, she's been working as a big-time model who does fashion and fitness shoots.

In 2012 she married Brandon Dubinsky of the Columbus Blue Jackets. Dubinsky joined the NHL in 2004 when he was drafted by the New York Rangers.


8 Lauren Cosgrove - Married to TJ Oshie


Lauren Cosgrove is a good ol' Minnesota girl who is married to the St Louis Blues star TJ Oshie. The pair welcomed a beautiful baby girl to the world in 2014. TJ Loves talking about his wife on social media and bragging about how gorgeous she is, which is totally understandable.

TJ Oshie joined the NHL in 2005 when he was drafted by the St. Louis Blues, the team he currently plays for.

7 Noureen DeWulf - Married to Ryan Miller

Noureen DeWulf is an American actress who has starred in both television shows and movies. She starred as Lacey in Anger Management on FX and is also known for her roles in West Bank Story, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and The Back-Up Plan. Additionally, she was in Oceans Thirteen, OutsourcedHawthorne and MTV's The Hard Times of RJ Berger and appeared in the Lifetime miniseries Maneater. DeWulf was born in New York City and raised in Stone Mountain Georgia to Indian Parents. She speaks English, Urdu, Hindi and Gujarati fluently.

In September of 2011, she married Ryan Miller who plays for the Vancouver Canucks and is known as one of the best goalies in the league.

6 Rachel Linke - Married to Sam Gagner


The beautiful Rachel Linke is a homegrown Canadian girl who is married to Sam Gagner formerly of the Edmonton Oilers. In 2013, Rachel graduated from the University of Alberta Medical School as Dr. Rachel Linke - an impressive credential indeed. Perhaps if Sam takes any horrible injuries, she can get him back to playing strength. The pair were married in July of 2014.

Sam Gagner currently plays centre for the Arizona Coyotes after being traded in June of 2014.

5 Melanie Collins - Dating Scottie Upshall


Melanie Collins graduated from Penn State in 2008 and moved from working as a model to working as a sideline reporter for the NBA, which may be the place from which most people remember her. She has also worked for the Big 10 Network, E! News Now, NASCAR, the PGA, and Accuweather. This absolute bombshell has been dating Scottie Upshall of the Florida Panthers since 2009.

Scottie has been in the NHL since 2002 when he was drafted by the Nashville Predators. Melanie has been turning heads in the sports world since she started working as a sideline reporter and Scottie must be very happy to have her around.

4 Carrie Underwood - Married to Mike Fisher


The lovely Carrie Underwood is married to Mike Fisher of the Nashville Predators. A fitting pair, certainly, as Carrie spends much of her time in Nashville working on her own career. After her time on American Idol in 2005 which culminated in a victory, Carrie simply exploded on the country music scene with a string of huge hits, such as "Before He Cheats" and "Jesus Take the Wheel". Since then, she's been inducted into the Grand Ole Opry and the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame. Her accolades include six Grammies, sixteen Billboard Music Awards, eleven Academy of Country Music Awards and eight American Music Awards. She is a vegan and an animal lover, as well as an actor and philanthropist.

Mike Fisher, formerly of the Ottawa Senators, currently plays for the Nashville Predators after being traded in February of 2011.

3 Elisha Cuthbert - Married to Dion Phaneuf

Elisha Cuthbert is a Canadian actress, originally from Greenfield Park, Québec. She began her career modelling children's clothes and eventually landed a co-hosting spot on Popular Mechanics for Kids alongside Jay Baruchel in 1997. She has since been in movies such as Love Actually, Old School and starred in The Girl Next Door. Elisha regularly appears on major magazine round up lists of the hottest women in the world. She will soon star in NBC's One Big Happy.

For a number of years she dated NHL's bad-boy, Sean Avery. In 2008 she began dating Dion Phaneuf, the captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs. The two were married in 2013. Phaneuf joined the NHL in 2005 when he was drafted by the Calgary Flames.

2 Lindsey Vecchione - Dating Jonathan Teows


This native of Chicago is a model and hairdresser than can be seen with Chicago Blackhawks captain and Canadian hockey hero, Jonathan Teows. She got her start in the sports world as a member of the Chicago Bliss, an all-female lingerie football team that plays in the Legends Football League and won back-to-back championships. She quickly blew up on social media and now models bikinis for a living. Vecchione once worked for Playboy and was featured in a Playboy-sponsored ad for the PSP Handheld gaming device. In the ad she can be seen smiling and dancing around in a light blue bikini - looking absurdly hot, of course.

Teows has, so far, played his entire NHL career with the Chicago Blackhawks. He is also bilingual and represented Team Canada at the Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

1 Barbie Blank - Engaged to Sheldon Souray


Barbara Jean "Barbie" Blank is perhaps better known by her stage name, Kelly Kelly. She is known for using this alter ego during her time with the WWE as a powerful female wrestler. Barbie has a degree in broadcast journalism and is an extremely talented gymnast and cheerleader.

In 2014, she became engaged to Anaheim Ducks player Sheldon Souray. Souray began playing in the NHL in 1997 when he was drafted by the New Jersey Devils. He also spent time playing for the Montreal Canadiens, the Edmonton Oilers and the Dallas Stars before settling in Anaheim.


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