The Most Astonishing Goals from last the NHL Decade

Life-changing events, world happenings and even a great movie; these are all experiences you carry with you throughout your life. Another even that you will likely remember for years to come, are grea

Life-changing events, world happenings and even a great movie; these are all experiences you carry with you throughout your life. Another even that you will likely remember for years to come, are great NHL goals. You know, those goals that you truly never imagined could happen. Years down the road you are likely to remember what you were doing and where you were when you reflect on these events. The fact is that these are goals that are jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring feats that you won’t believe unless you see it. The 10 most astonishing goals from the NHL are highlighted here.

10 Maxim Afinogenov: The spinning goal that impressed them all

In his time, Maxim Afinogenov was a pretty good player. It was pretty exciting each time this man touched the puck. However, the Russian player was considered an enigma, one that never seemed to get all the pieces together. His career in the NHL lasted for a period of 10 years, with some exciting moments and brief flashes of brilliance. One in particular, was the spinning goal that he scored during a game against the Tampa Bay Lightning squad, truly something that fans remember.

9 Pavel Datsyuk: Witnessed at his best on the ice

Pavel Datsyuk has a natural knack of lifting his stick and scoring at unbelievable times. These scores often make the goalies from the other team appear a bit silly. The player has a tendency to bring excitement to the ice each night, and while he is completely revered due to the shootout goals that he possesses, the game with the strip and score is truly impressive. This is truly a case where something was developed from nothing, and so quickly that the fans in attendance didn’t even have a chance to get up before the goal was made.

8 Ryan O’Reilly: making moves similar to Denis Savard

While this particular instance occurred during preseason, it is still quite noteworthy. This is the most recent happening in this decade in review, and the incredible presence of mind that is shown here is nothing short of outstanding. The play that Ryan O’Reilly impressed with was when he picked up his the puck on the ice in a neutral zone and then bulldozed his way to the net. While the defender does a pretty good job to keep his body in front of the net, he is not aware of the tornado coming his way. If this particular goal was scored during an actual playoff game, it would become legendary, but with preseason status it is noted as just a great play.

7 Evgeni Malkin: Shows his worth

There is no question that Evgeni Malkin is not a stranger to the reel of highlights, with a number of goals like the one that made this list under his belt. In this particular instance, he drives the buck from one end of the ice to the other, beats all defenders himself and makes the goalie Dwayne Roloson appear to be the older goaltender that he truly is. On the way to the net, Malkin makes it through three different sticks and makes Roloson simply appear to be a spectator on the sidelines of this impressive play.

6 Peter Forsberg: a force to be reckoned with

Former player for the Colorado Avalanche, the skills of Peter Forsberg are often forgotten. While he had several comeback tries, which mostly failed, he did have a run where he was one of the most difficult players to get off of the puck. His talent and meanness were equal and he made some impressive shots during his career, including the one that he completed all by himself, with a slick finish that is truly something to be remembered.

5 Sidney Crosby: makes better plays with one hand than most players do with two

Sidney Crosby is considered an offensive player with the prowess that has absolutely no limits. The unreal play made by Crosby that puts him in this list of bests is when he picks up the puck in a neutral zone only to be surrounded by the opposing team, the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Instead of dumping the puck, as any lesser player may do, he charges at Tomas Kaberle, and makes this talented player appear to be nothing more than a way-overpaid joke, and then carries the puck down the ice to score on goalie Jonas Gustavsson. All of this is done by Crosby, who only has one of his hands on his hockey stick.

4 Niklas Hagman: appears to turn into Superman

The following occurs in this one play, which has landed Niklas Hagman in the number four spot:

First, he is trucked by one of the refs. It takes the player a few seconds to actually realize who it was that ran him over and gather his senses. While still down on the ice, the puck gets placed behind the net, barely missing hitting him in the face. With all the confusion and fast-paced action, Hagman gets control of the puck and then makes it through three of the Panthers to bury the puck for the score.

3 Bobby Ryan: brings humiliation to players in Nashville

With David Legwand thinking that he’s got Bobby Ryan covered, he is unpleasantly surprised by the outcome. Ryan not only causes Legwand to lose the puck, but also lose his dignity during this play when he drives it home.

2 Rick Nash: makes a complete Blackout goal

With over 310 career goals, Rick Nash makes beautiful, technically perfect goals each game. This list making play was one that was impressive mainly due to the fact that he won the games with the shot against the Phoenix Coyotes.

1 Alex Ovechkin: Who else would be number 1

This was one of the most unrepeatable goals ever made in NHL history. There is no way that anyone would ever try to replicate this goal. This is a goal that will go down in infamy with the NHL.

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The Most Astonishing Goals from last the NHL Decade