The 21 Hottest Players in the NHL

Many women are undoubtedly attracted to athletes. As a Canadian woman, it comes as no surprise that to me, hockey players are the hottest athletes around. Something about how manly and tough they are just excites me. With the hockey season in full swing and as the weather gets colder, it's nice to know that these sexy men will be heating up the ice for us lonely single women.

There is no question that hockey is a rough sport, leaving its players with numerous dental problems and scars. Missing teeth aside, some of the best-looking men play in the NHL. Although they may appear sweaty and barbaric on the ice (which some women like), it might surprise you of how well they clean themselves up. Although it was hard to pick only twenty of these sexy ice gods, the following men are not only talented and beautiful athletes, but some are environmentalists, entrepreneurs and fathers, and others are, well…just so hot!

Women around the globe have a special spot for hockey players in their heart. Puck Bunnies or just casual fans, many women have dreamed about what it would be like to be with one of these twenty men. The following players are definitely the hottest boys in the NHL.

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21 Mike Green

Via galleryhip.com

This Canadian player who is now a defenseman for the Washington Capitals is best known for his hard slap shots and his sex appeal. Born in 1985, he is notorious for scoring either at the last minute or in overtime earning him the nickname “Game over Green.” Standing at 6’1, Green is not only hot because of his looks and hockey skills, he is also a good person who is involved in numerous community organizations. He speaks to local middle schools and has a program called “Green’s Gang” where he donates season tickets to underprivileged kids. In 2008, Green founded a charity called So Kids Can with Elliot Segal. This charity group raised money to construct a playground at Hopkins-Tancil Court in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. Green has done even more charity work since then, making him the complete package.

20 P.K. Subban

Via sportsnet.ca

One of the most talked-about players in the NHL, P.K., born Pernell Karl Subban, is a defenseman and alternate captain for the Montreal Canadians. P.K., whose parents both immigrated to Ontario from the Caribbean in the 70s, does not fit the profile of the average hockey player, but that’s part of what makes him sexy. Subban is one of five children and his two brothers share his passion for hockey.

P.K. is known to be a bit of a playboy. He has been spotted at numerous Montreal night clubs with various beautiful women, but hey, if he’s a rich, young, good looking hockey player…what do you expect?

19 Ryan Kesler

Via theprovince.tumblr.com

Ryan Kesler is an NHL vet at this point, but that doesn’t make him any less attractive. He has played in the NHL for over ten years and at age 30 he is a proud father.

Ryan and his wife Andrea have three children. The Keslers are an all-American family and Ryan enjoys racing his Ford Mustang, which he leaves at his parents' home in Livonia. Kesler is not only an amazing father and hockey player but he is also a really cool guy. In 2010 he was announced as the cover athlete for the video game NHL 2K11. Later that year he released his own line of clothing, focusing mainly on sports gear and casual wear. In combination with his partners, Vancouver-based Firstar Sports, the line was branded “RK17.” Pretty cool for a father of three!

18 Ryan Suter

Via startribune.com

Ryan Suter literally has hockey in his DNA. The defenseman and alternate captain for the Minnesota Wild has a famous hockey father. His father, Bob, was a member of one of the most historic hockey teams ever, the 1980 US Olympic hockey team that beat the Soviet Union in a game known as the famous “Miracle on Ice.” Bob Suter sadly passed in 2014.

Ryan's uncle, Gary Suter, was also a longtime NHL superstar.

In 2010 Ryan helped lead the US team to a silver medal victory at the 2010 Olympic games. Ryan is married to his wife Becky, who is from Minnesota. The couple have a son named Brooks William and a daughter, Avery. What can I say, we love a sexy NHL daddy!

17 Jeff Carter

Via prohockeytalk.nbcsports.com

16 Jonathan Toews

Via hockeychickchat.boards.net

15 Kris Letang

Via gopixpic.com

Kris Letang has a lot to be proud of. Not only is he a defenseman for the Pittsburgh Penguins, he also helped win the Stanley cup for his team. Before his victory with the Penguins he won back-to-back gold medals at the World Junior Championships (2006-2007). This talented superstar has as many fans off the ice as he does on it, due to his dashing good looks. He is both a talented hockey player and a dream to look at, which can make any woman swoon. Believe it or not this yummy eye candy is also a father and is said to talk about his son Alexander all the time… how cute.

With good looks and talent like his there is no surprise Letang made our list.

14 Henrik Zetterberg

Via pixgood.com

This Sweden native has undeniable manly charm. Left winger and captain of the Detroit Red Wings, Zetterberg is a Stanley Cup winner. Known as “Hank” to his teammates, Henrik is also a romantic. In the summer of 2008, he got engaged to the beautiful Emma Anderson who is known as a Swedish model and television host.

What's most unique about this hockey hottie is that he served several months in the Swedish Army when he was 17 years old. That is super rare to find in NHL players today, and very attractive, making him even more of a manly man.

13 Chris Kreider

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports Images

This 23-year-old cutie is fairly new to the NHL world. Kreider is currently playing for the New York Rangers and has a large female fan base. Although he is young, he stands at 6’3 giving him a sense of overpowering sexiness. The young athlete is reportedly making close to $5 million in his current two-year contract and his career has just begun.

Although he is new to the NHL world, some lucky lady has already taken him off the market. It is reported that he is dating a beautiful girl named Grace Putman. Who knows, he is still young and will hopefully be single soon, giving us ladies a chance to reel him in.

12 Tyler Seguin

Via katewilloughbyauthor.com

Tyler Sequin is definitely a young heartthrob. At only 22 years of age, this Casanova has women swooning over him due to his masculine sex appeal. Not only is he young, but he is also a Stanley Cup winner, which makes him even sexier.

Seguin has a few cool endorsements such as Dunkin Donuts, Under Armour, AT&T, Bauer Hockey and BioSteel sports supplements Inc. The young stud bought himself a beautiful home in Dallas after being traded to the Stars from the Boston Bruins.

Seguin earns some “street cred” from friend and rapper Mike Stud who mentions him in several of his songs.

It's not all fun and games for this ice god, he is also a big sweetheart. When one of his closest friends suffered a severe spinal cord injury, he created Seguin’s Stars. At every Dallas home game Seguin donates a luxury suite, with food and drinks to individuals suffering from spinal chord injuries. He also meets his guests outside the locker room to takes autographs and pictures. What a doll!

11 Brent Seabrook

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports Images

Seabrook has mastered that whole smouldering sexy look. At 6 foot 3 he is most definitely one of the sexiest players in the NHL. The British Colombia Native looks like he probably broke his fair share of hearts before he met his perfect match, his wife Dayna. The two have started a family together and make an adorable pair, but I think anyone would look good standing next to Seabrook.

In February of 2014, Seabrook and fellow teammate Duncan Keith made a cameo appearance on the TV drama Chicago Fire. Does this mean a potential acting career for this heartthrob? Only time will tell.

10 Sidney Crosby

Via galleryhip.com

It's not a big surprise that the captain to the Pittsburgh Penguins made this list. Sidney Crosby is not only talented but he is also good looking. With his boyish charm and undeniable skill, Crosby has managed to make himself a household name.

He has represented his home country of Canada in many international games, helping bring home the gold at major events such as the Olympics.

Not only is he talented, charming and good looking but he is also filthy rich. Crosby earns approximately $8.7 million annually from the Penguins. In addition to that, he makes another $4 million (approximately) in endorsements. He has been endorsed by some of the biggest companies in the world such as Tim Hortons, Reebok and Gatorade, giving him an even bigger celebrity edge.

9 Jared Boll

Via tumblr.com

Just look at him… does it really come as a shock that he is on our list. Boll is definitely not the highest scorer in the NHL, but that is not why he gets paid close to $2 million per season. Boll gets paid to fight and is probably the best and most feared brawler in the game today. It is no secret that women like a man who isn’t afraid to fight, which is why Boll is so sexy, I mean besides his face, body and the fact that he is a hockey player. Jared Boll just looks like a notorious player, but do you blame him? We know he’s gorgeous and he knows he’s gorgeous, let him embrace it.

8 Andrew Ference

Via bernardibeautyblog.com

7 Chris Higgins

Via thefanzoo.com

Chris Higgins is definitely one of the most charming players in the NHL. With boyish good looks and abs that can shred lettuce, it comes as no surprise that this hunk made our list of hottest NHL studs. Higgins is no stranger to the NHL and like fine wine, keeps getting better with age. Now 31 years old, he has had a great career and now plays for the Vancouver Canucks. It has been claimed that Higgins loves a good party, however, he is also known as one of the sweetest, most respectful players in the NHL and seems to always have a smile on his face…we love that, and love him!

6 Derick Brassard

Via 25stanley.com

Brassard is a 27-year-old Canadian who plays for the New York Rangers. Derick’s career keeps blossoming, known to have one of the greatest on-ice visions of his “class.” He is a dynamic playmaker who is well aware of his surroundings and able to control quick and accurate passes. He is also very agile and has a certain grace when skating, making him even better looking. Don’t get too excited ladies, this ice prince found his perfect ice princess, former international figure skater and beauty Terra Findlay. The pair make a beautiful couple and we can only imagine how good looking and talented their children will be!

5 Patrick Sharp

Via fansshare.com

4 Brendan Smith

Via afterdarkbooklovers.com

Brendan Smith is a 25-year-old charmer who plays for the Detroit Redwings. At 6’2, this handsome young man is only beginning his career. Although he has not been in the NHL for long, last year he played in the Stanley Cup playoffs, an accomplishment for young Smith. During the playoffs he also faced his brother on the ice; 23-year-old Reilly Smith also plays in the NHL, for the Bruins, and is said to be a better hockey player.

His brother may be the better player, but Brendan is definitely the better-looking brother, which is why he made the cut…Sorry Reilly.

3 Joffrey Lupul

Via thestar.com

This NHL hottie is a Canadian-born player who grew up in Saskatchewan. Lupul is an alternate captain on the Toronto Maple Leafs. Standing a little over six feet, with his dark hair and light eyes, Lupul is undeniably good looking.

Lupul is of Ukrainian decent, explaining his unique and smouldering look. It has been claimed that he is a bit of a “player,” however, do you blame him? Joffrey is a talented athlete as well as musician. When he is not kicking ass on the ice, he is playing guitar, his other passion. Yes, he is in the NHL and he plays guitar, he is pretty much perfect.

2 Carey Price

Via youtube.com

This sexy player guards the nets for the Montreal Canadiens. Not only did he help bring the Canadian National team to victory at the Sochi Olympics, he is known in the NHL as one of the best goalies. Price, whose father was a goalie for the Philadelphia Flyers, taught him the game on a frozen lake in hopes of him one day being a famous player.

Of course, like most of the other players on this list, Price is happily married to Angela Webber. The couple met on a blind date and the rest is history. The two are reported to be wanting to start a family and we think Carey Price would make a really foxy father!

1 Henrik Lundqvist

Via blog.aglamslam.com

No big surprises here, Henrik Lundqvist is one gorgeous man. This stunning goalie plays for the New York Rangers but could also easily be a model. Henrik stands at 6'1 and is best known for his sensational quickness, strong positional play and athleticism.

There is so much more to this beautiful man besides being a hockey player. In 2009 he became the Rangers' spokesman for the Garden of Dreams Foundation which is very similar to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. He has also been awarded Sweden's best dressed in 2004,was one of People magazine’s world's most beautiful people in 2006 and was named one of Page Six magazine's top 25 best dressed in 2008. He also used to play guitar in a Swedish rock band which was called Box Play. Lundqvist also has a restaurant called Tiny’s located in Tribeca which he opened with former team mate Sean Avery.

Sorry to disappoint, ladies and queens, but Lundqvist has been happily married to Therese Andersson since the summer of 2011, and in July of 2012 he became a dad.

Lundqvist is without a doubt the hottest player in the NHL.

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