9Champagne Tastes Better From a Silver Mega-Goblet

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Well, the Stanley Cup was a punchbowl.

But Captain Colville probably had in mind that it wouldn’t be used for sloshing punch.

The 1896 Winnipeg Victorias confirmed that notion. These dudes were clearly trendsetters. They were the first to play an organized game in western Canada in 1890, and they were the

founders of the Manitoba Hockey Association in 1893.

They were also the first Westerners to hoist the hardware, beating the Montréal Victorias – no relation – 2-0, in a one-game, chips-on-the-table challenge. Tuxedo Night didn’t appear in the ‘Peg until 1979, so they displayed their touch of class in their choice of libation.

And every Cup winner since then has kept the bubbly flowing.

9. Silver Cups Make Lousy Footballs

This is what that zany crowd of Ottawa Silver Sevens discovered after taking possession of the Stanley Cup in 1905.

Clearly paying too much homage to the Winnipeg Victorias’ tradition of guzzling bubbly, some bright light in the group may well have deduced that if soccer begat rugby, which begat gridiron football, perhaps a pioneering new sport could be devised by using a silver punchbowl as a soccer ball. Circle of life and all that.

Make sense? Of course not! These dudes left sobriety at the rink! Who knows what possessed them to kick the Cup onto a frozen Rideau Canal? They’re just lucky it was frozen, and they still didn’t find it until the morning.

No word if this also begat the first hair of the dog to tipple from the Stanley Cup.

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