Highest Paid NFL Players 2011

The Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning will end this year as the National Football League's (NFL) highest-paid player, according to a Forbes report.

Manning, a four-times most valuable player in the NFL who agreed to a five-year $US90-million contract with the Colts last month, is expected to earn $US23 million in total compensation for 2011. St Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford is second on the list with expected earnings of $US18.4 million and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is third at $US18 million.

10 Peyton Manning

9 Sam Bradford

8 Tom Brady

7 Michael Vick

6 Richard Seymour

5 Elvis Dumervil

4 Mark Sanchez

3 Gerald McCoy

2 Haloti Ngata

1 Paul Soliai

[Source: FORBES]

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Highest Paid NFL Players 2011