Top 10 Sexiest Female Golfers

Women have been playing golf ever since the Ladies Club of St. Andrew’s in Scotland was formed in response to sexist Scottish males not allowing them to play the game in 1867. Women have slowly earned the equal treatment they deserve in the golfing world and finally achieved what they wanted in 1977 when the PGA began to accept female members. There are many talented female golfers from all over the world. Like some of our previous articles, I hope to draw more serious attention to female sports by exploiting basic human desires.

Here are the top 10 sexiest female golfers playing the game. Like all lists, everything is completely subjective.

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10 Zakiya Randall

Zakiya Randall was born in Virginia and started golfing at ten years old. Zakiya started to become famous when she succeeded at the U.S. Women's open local qualifier event in 2006. In 2008, she became the youngest female golfer to win the Georgia Golf Channel Tour and would then go on to participate in the Golf Channel's "Big Break Atlantis" in 2012. Since then she has decided to pursue golf on a regular, professional basis while studying computer science.

9 Michelle Wie

Michelle Wie is one of the most popular golfers right now and for good reason. Michelle cemented her golf destiny by winning both the Hawaii State Women's Stroke Play Championship and the Kennie K. Wilson Women's Invitational at eleven years old. She would go pro at sixteen years old and participate in the Casio World Open on the Japan Golf Tour. Wie would try to succeed in many tours until she finally earned her official membership into the LPGA by finishing in seventh place at the LPGA Final Qualifying Tournament in 2008. She would win her first professional individual tournament in 2009 at the Lorena Ochoa Invitational in Mexico and then get in second place at the Dubai Ladies Masters tournament in December of that year. As of 2014, Wie has come away with a few top 10 victories and looks as if she is happy to be a golfer again. We'll see what happens.

8 Danielle Montgomery

Danielle Montgomery learned to appreciate the strategic game of golf while in her home country of England. I suppose that it helps when you come from a golfing family and are encouraged to play the game with your siblings. This unique experience allowed her to earn second place in the Binhai Ladies Open Tour in 2008. Danielle has been taking the Australian LPGA Tour by storm for the past five years. She has consistently stayed above fiftieth place in the rankings and has got in sixteenth place in the Ingham Antill Park Pro Am Tour. Rumor has it that Danielle is about to make her way to the United States. I hope that this is true.

7 Sharmila Nicollet

Sharmila Nicollet hails from Bangalore, India and started golfing when she was eleven years old. She went professional in 2009 after being successful in numerous amateur tournaments up to that point. This led to her home country awarding her numerous Orders of Merit as a way of thanking her for giving her nation the attention that it deserves in the golfing scene. In 2011, Sharmila earned twenty-second place in the Hero Honda Women's Indian Open. Finally, in 2012 she qualified for the Ladies European Tour. She is the youngest Indian golfer to qualify in the history of the game.

6 Belen Mozo

Belen Mozo was encouraged by her mother to play golf when she was a child. This encouragement lead to a successful career as Belen was turned pro after winning both the the Women’s British Amateur and British Girls Amateur Championships as an amateur player. A feat that had not been accomplished since 1972 and led to her qualifying for LPGA tours. In 2013, she had participated in twenty events and made over $100,000. She went on to earn twenty-eighth place at the Sunrise LPGA Taiwan Championship.

5 Maria Verchenova

Maria Verchenova graduated from Moscow State University before going to be a professional golfer in 2007. She competed in twelve events in her first season and finished near the top one-hundred in the coveted New Star Money List. In 2008, she rose up the ranks to earn fifty-fifth place on the New Star Money List by coming in fifth at the Tenerife Ladies Open. Her latest accomplishments have earned her the ability to represent Russia in various competitions while earning ninety-first place in the Henderson Money List.

4 Bridget Dwyer

Bridget Dwyer began her golfing career at the age of thirteen when her father took her out to the driving range one day. She fell in love with the game ever since and even entered her private school's boys golf team because it was perceived that not enough women were interested in the game in order to have their own team. She outperformed her male teammates and earned a partial scholarship to UCLA so she could play golf for them. In he professional career, she has competed in the Futures Tour, the Canadian Tour, the Chinese Tour, and the West Coast Tour. Her motto is to, "Act like a champion in all you do."

3 Anna Rawson

Ahh, it's Ms. Rawson again. Excuse me for the legal talk, but this is where I officially give myself permission to copy, well, myself.

Anna Rawson was a professional model before starting her golfing career in 1999. Anna won a lot of amateur competitions that year including the Jack Newton International Junior Classic tournament. These wins lead her to being a member of the Australian National Squad that year, before officially turning professional in 2004. Anna would just barely miss making the cut at the 2004 LPGA Final Qualifying Tournament but would finish third in the Ladies European Tour of 2005. She would then go on to get a spot in the Top 10 in the LPGA in 2008.

2 Kim Hall

When I was five years old, I was still amazed at being able to fart on a regular basis. When Kim was five, she was shown a golf club and a star was born. Hall was the 1997 South Texas PGA Junior Player of the Year. Kim would then go on to become a two-time Most Valuable Player for the women's golf team at Stanford before officially going pro in 2003. She would then get in eighteenth place at Safeway Classic Presented by Pepsi in 2006 before getting in third place at the Bell Micro LPGA Classic in 2008. Kim's career has wound down since then as she only entered one event in 2012, but we're all waiting anxiously for a dramatic comeback.

1 Blair O'Neal

Blair O'Neal fell in love with the game of golf after her father enrolled her in a junior golf clinic when she was eleven years old. At thirteen, Blair already earned a runner-up position at the Woman's Western Tournament and would go on to be one of the more well known golfers in the state of Arizona. After succeeding at golf at Arizona State, Blair would go on to win the the Golf Channel's "Big Break: Dominican Republic" reality television show. This allowed her to participate in the 2012 LPGA Symetra Tour and to continue training today.

Also on a more personal note, she has stated that her favorite drink is an Arnold Palmer. I also enjoy Arnold Palmers. Is this fate? Probably not.

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