The Top Golfers of 2013 and Their Earnings

There are some newer names that have been popping up in the PGA tour for 2013, and there are also some familiar old pros that have been sticking up there in the high rankings. When we look at the tour as a whole, we can see how the points are racking up. Here are the top golfers so far in the PGA Tour.

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5 #1 Tiger Woods - 4 Million Earnings 2013

Tiger Woods has for some time now been on the top of the PGA tour. For the last decade he has dominated as the premier name in golf. With his big sponsorships, including Nike, he has brought golf companies to a main stream. Tiger tied for 4th in the masters, and has taken 1st in 7 other competitions so far this season.

4 #2 Rory Mcilory - 1 Million Earnings 2013

Rory has been very consistent this tour, getting plenty of media coverage and placing in the top 10 for many of his competitions. He has taken first in 7 of the competitions this year, tying him with Tiger for most wins in 2013. If Rory can keep his consistency up, he should finish out this tour with great numbers.

3 #3 Adam Scott - 2 Million Earning 2013

Adam Scott has been doing very well this season, but what really put him over the edge was winning the masters. He came out of left field to be the first Australian golfer to win the masters. This gave him an adjusted 100 points on the tour and pushed him up to number 3 on the rankings.

2 #4 Justin Rose - 1.2 Million Earnings 2013

Justin has been playing great this tour. He has finished first in 2 of his competitions and in the top 5 for a majority of his others. If he can find first place in one of the majors, he should be able to stay in the top 5 for the rest of the tour.

1 #5 Luke Donald - 900,000 $ Million Earnings 2013

Luke has finished 1st on 5 championships this tour. He has been consistently finishing in the top 10 for many of his other tournament matches as well. Luke Donald has a promising future for this season.

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