Freestyle Scooters. One of action sports fastest growing markets

Just about 2 years ago a few new action sports companies sprung out of Australia, England, and the North Western United States. These action sports companies were dedicated to developing freestyle scooters that could withstand the strain of attempting tricks and grinding on the bottom of the deck.

Some of the most popular companies that came into the scene were, Lucky Scooters, Madd Gear Pro, Envy, Proto, and Phoenix. These  companies started to develop rock solid parts that could withstand the strain of the skate park.

Amazing riders started to come forth, such as Ryan Williams and Dakota Shuetz. These two pros are considered to be the best 2 riders in the world. Tricks that were never though possible on scooters were starting to be landed. Double backflips, huge handrails, big gaps, and even a double front flip 360.

With scooters being almost a fusion of skateboards and bmx bikes, a lot of riders at the skate parks have switched from their original sport to pick up riding freestyle scooters. Freestyle scooters have grown so quickly over the last 2 years. All you have to do is go to the skate park in order to see swarms of riders hitting up awesome tricks. It seems as though freestyle scooters have a very bright future in the action sports industry!

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Freestyle Scooters. One of action sports fastest growing markets