Top 10 Sports Teams With Hotter Cheerleaders Than the Dallas Cowboys

It’s been a time honored tradition for as long as we can remember. The Dallas Cowboys claim to have the hottest cheerleaders in all of sports. There have been television shows and movies made about what it takes to be a Cowboys cheerleader and the preparation that goes into it.

Every year it’s the same thing and you can’t watch a Cowboys game on TV without the cheerleaders being shown countless times throughout the broadcast. Not that there are a lot of complaints about that. You do have to give them some credit though as they certainly are a hot bunch for sure.

But let’s face the facts; they aren’t the hottest in sports. We will show the world that there are plenty of professional teams in the sports world with hotter cheerleaders than the Dallas Cowboys. Here are 10 of them.


10 Seattle Seahawks Sea Gals

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The Sea Gals are a sight to see at every Seahawks home game and they definitely brighten up the upper northwest region. The name of the group was very cleverly chosen and when you see the team in action we challenge you find an “average looking” woman on the squad. Bet you can’t!

9 Denver Broncos Cheerleaders

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When you take a look at the Denver Broncos sidelines during a home game you can see where Peyton Manning and company may get some of their inspiration. There is no question that a glance over to the side of the field helped give them an added boost to complete their run to another Super Bowl Championship. The team introduced its cheerleaders back in 1971 but after a couple of them posed for Playboy Magazine nine years later, the team broke up the squad because of the negative publicity it brought. So they said anyway. The team was reassembled in 1993 and they have performed all over the world. They are also very involved directly in the Denver area with countless hours dedicated to civic involvement.

8 Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders

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Philadelphia Eagles fans crowd into Lincoln Financial Field during the early part of the season so they can not only watch football in decent weather, but so they can get a good view of the cheerleaders. Once the cold weather settles in these beauties have to cover up for obvious reasons. But on nice days they are certainly worth a view or ten during a game.

A few years ago Vera Wang designed the uniforms for the ladies and she did an outstanding job to say the least. Wang has created outfits for many celebrities over the years including Nancy Kerrigan and Michelle Kwan. She also came up with the gowns that Chrissy Teigen wore when she married John Legend.

In 2012 the Eagles cheerleading squad was the first in the NFL to make a Cheerleader Calendar Mobile App. The App appeared in the Top 5 Paid Sports Apps in the Android market. So not only are they a pleasant sight for the eyes, but they are smart as well!

7 Milwaukee Bucks Dance Team

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For many years the only sexy thing about the Milwaukee Bucks was the top draft pick that they were about to choose. All of the potential that they were looking at with the pick had fans excited for the upcoming season. That is until they took the court and actually started playing basketball. But the Bucks dance team has emerged as one of the sexiest in the NBA and given fans something else to look at.

While the team’s play on the court has improved, there is no improvement needed with their cheerleaders. They are also available to appear at charity or high school events so you don’t necessarily have to go to a Bucks game to see them. There isn’t a lot to do in Milwaukee so when these beautiful ladies are making an appearance somewhere, it’s THE place to be!

6 Miami Heat Dancers

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The glory days for the Miami Heat on the basketball court are gone. Since LeBron James has taken his show to Cleveland, Miami, as expected, is no longer a force in the NBA. Sure fans can still watch the other stars on the team that are past their prime, but the main attraction at Heat games now is absolutely the beautiful Heat Dancers. The squad has won multiple NBA Dance Team Bracket titles, one of their members was a competitor on the television show The Bachelor, and in 2006 the ENTIRE squad was invited to the NBA All-Star Game. Those are some pretty impressive credentials and if you take a look here you will see that they are more than deserved!

5 Los Angeles Clippers Spirit Dance Team

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Taylor Clark is one of the many beautiful women that make up the Los Angeles Clippers Spirit Dance Team. The team is so good to look at, that E! Network has a series on them starting shortly. They have already started advertising the show and based on appearances alone, the show looks like something you won’t want to miss. Clark attended Kansas State University for a year before heading west to pursue her dream of becoming a dancer. She made the daring move of relocating to Los Angeles and the rest is history as she will have a prominent role in the upcoming show as the team’s co-captain. It is scheduled for eight episodes in the first season and when the world gets a look at the beautiful women on this team you can count on a second season for sure!

4 Colorado Avalanche Ice Girls

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The Colorado Avalanche Ice Girls are without question one of the hottest cheerleading teams in the NHL, if not all of sports. When you see the group in action you will buy a ticket to an Avalanche home game without much care of who they are playing that night!


3 Columbus Blue Jackets Pepsi Power Patrol

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When you attend a Columbus Blue Jackets game at Nationwide Arena you are blessed with the pleasant sight of the Pepsi Power Patrol taking to the ice when play is stopped. As you can see here, no sexier women have ever grabbed a shovel and taken to the NHL ice. Now that Columbus actually wins some hockey games, it’s a nice bonus to witness a victory as well as these ice beauties.

2 Calgary Flames Big Country Ice Crew


The Calgary Flames Big Country Ice Crew is a great reason to go see the Flames play. Several times during the game they will come out onto the ice and work their magic and the fans in Calgary love every minute of it. Just take a look at this group of ladies and you will want to go see the Flames play. Whether you live in Calgary or not!

1 Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders

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This squad, consisting of some of the most beautiful women in Arizona, was put together in 1988. The Cardinals have a rich tradition in the NFL that extends back to their days in St. Louis, but they had never used cheerleaders prior to that. The team makes several appearances each year at charity events and some of them appear around the world and perform as the “Cardinals Show Team.” They also have a “Junior Cheer Program” for girls that are between 8 and 17 years old. You will never want to miss a Cardinals game again once you see these beautiful women in action!

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