Top 10 Most Memorable Touchdown Celebrations

Admit it, you love absurd touchdown celebrations. If the celebration occurs against your team, you'll hate it for a hot minute. Or maybe you'll love the 15 yard flag you'll get out of it. Either way,

Admit it, you love absurd touchdown celebrations. If the celebration occurs against your team, you'll hate it for a hot minute. Or maybe you'll love the 15 yard flag you'll get out of it. Either way, when you look back at some of the more ridiculous and elaborate displays of touchdown showmanship, you crack a smile at the very least.

Don't get me wrong, even from a distant fan's perspective the antics of Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson/Ochocinco annoyed the heck out of me. But now that their diva selves have been extricated from the league, I'll admit it makes me laugh. And they could basically have a TD celebration list all to themselves.

Though I understand and agree with the rules against taunting and unsportsmanlike conduct, excessive celebration and all that, deep down some part of me misses all the antics. Just sayin'.

Through NFL history touchdown celebrations have been varied in scope and meaning-- sometimes players had signature dances or moves, sometimes it was clearly a shot at the opposing team, and sometimes it was just a creative display of good ol' fashion shenanigans (even if it does slow down the game). Rather than split up the categories, I blended them together, creating a TD dance gumbo of sorts. Mmm, spicy.

10 Johnson's Proposal

This really could be one of an ocean of touchdown celebrations Chad Johnson managed over his career. I mean, resuscitating the ball in the endzone, grabbing the TV camera and piloting it mid-game, the classic (and frankly well-executed) Irish jig. Johnson will be iconic for generations as an end-zone ham.

9 Cruz's Salsa

Victor Cruz exploded onto the scene during the week 1 2010 preseason game, Jets vs Giants. Backup QB Jim Sorgi realized immediately Cruz was a superhuman receiver, and basically threw the ball to him nonstop. Wearing the number 3 in typical preseason nobody status, Cruz ended up with 145 yards and 3 TDs despite only playing part of the game.

8 Randy's Moon

7 L.T.'s Teardrop

6 Johnson's Putt-Putt

5 T.O.'s Star Spiked Tackle

4 Deion Sanders' High Step & Dance

However you may feel about Deion as a sportscaster/sports personality, he was an absolute force of nature on the field during his career: 53 Interceptions with 1,331 return yards, 10 defensive touchdowns, 9 kickoff/punt return touchdowns with 5,642 return yards, 10 passes defensed, 10 forced fumbles, 492 tackles, and 784 receiving yards and 3 receiving touchdowns. Game. Changer.

3 T.O.'s Popcorn

2 Joe's Phone Call

1 Steve Smith's Amazing Repertoire

I just couldn't pick one of Steve Smith's celebrations-- I had to go with all of them. The man was a touchdown celebration innovator. Feisty, tough as nails, hard working, and hilarious. That's how I'd describe Steve Smith on the field. He basically paved the way for other W.R.'s to create iconic touchdown celebrations. Using the ball as a rapier to 'fence' at the Buccaneers players after a touchdown was just amazing, the Mario jump-on-the-flagpole in Chicago was positively cartoonlike-- he tossed away the ball and jumped to the top of the goal post padding with arms and legs wrapped around it, and slid to the bottom like Mario at the end of a level. Just fantastic. Another classic was the baby diaper; he laid the ball on the ground, lifted it delicately like a baby and wiped the underside of the ball like cleaning poo off a baby's bottom. It was as absurd as it was gut busting. And perhaps my favorite, the rowboat. After the Viking's players infamous 'love boat' scandal, Steve Smith scored on Minnesota, and sat down in the end zone paddling an invisible boat and looking over his shoulder in mock terror. It was gutsy, it was topical, it was absurd, and it to this day makes me laugh. Steve Smith, you truly are king of. . . whatever this is.

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Top 10 Most Memorable Touchdown Celebrations