10Antoine Bethea - 2006

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In 2006, the Indianapolis Colts had been searching for the elusive Super Bowl victory for a few years. The Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning era was in a full swing and Dungy needed solid and quick defenders. His defensive

scheme was anything but traditional. It takes a special player to fit into that mix.

In the sixth round the Colts had two picks. They used the second pick, 207th overall, to select Antoine Bethea. Bethea wasn't high on anyone’s draft board, including the Colts.They ended up taking him and Bethea didn't let down the team or fans. He finished that season with 66 tackles and 24 assists. Bethea went on to become a two time Pro Bowler. When the Colts couldn’t resign him this year, the San Francisco 49ers signed him to a four year, $26 million deal. That’s not bad for a guy who almost went undrafted.

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