Top 10 Hardcore Celebrity NFL Fans

Everybody likes the NFL. There is nothing like catching a game on a Sunday or Monday night. It has been something Americans have been doing almost religiously since the 1960s and the beginning of the Super Bowl Era. Though we sometimes envision celebrities as being much different than the average person, in many cases they are not. This is very true when it comes to a pastime like supporting a favorite football team.

Spotting celebrities on the sidelines is something we have almost grown accustomed to seeing. During any televised NFL game, eventually a camera will pan up to the stands to catch a shot of a famous person in attendance. This is especially true during the playoffs and the Super Bowl.

So which famous people are the most passionate NFL fans? This is tough to judge. Everybody likes to think they are their team’s number one fan. When you are a celebrity it takes a bit more than simply being a season ticket holder to become one of the league’s most passionate fans. You need to really do something for your team and be recognized by the organization as one of their biggest fans. These celebrities are the most supportive of the NFL and have shown it with their actions.

10 Michael Phelps

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9 Robin Williams

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8 Barack Obama

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It is no secret that President Barack Obama is a huge sports fan. The 44th President of the United States is a major supporter of all his home town’s teams. The former senator of Illinois’ favorite football team is the Chicago Bears. Obama has appeared on a number of sports shows and shown his support for his team. In 2011, Obama invited all the members of the 1985 Bears to the White House for a little meet and greet session.

7 Nelly

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Like President Obama, rapper Nelly is also a homer and he shows his love for his St. Louis Rams. Nelly has been caught on camera on the sidelines of many of the Rams’ games. He is so proud of his home town team that he actually mentions them in a number of songs. In the song “Oh Nelly”, the rapper states “The Rams won the Super Bowl, bought myself a ring” and in the song “Spida Man” he sings “I’m like the Rams man I’m at my best when I’m on my turf”.

6 Bradley Cooper

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It is not too hard to believe Bradley Cooper is a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles. His 2012 movie Silver Linings Playbook features Cooper sporting his Eagles’ jersey and cheering on his team. The 2011 “Sexiest Man Alive” began watching the Eagles when he was growing up in Jenkinsville, Pennsylvania. He would catch the games each weekend with his grandfather. Silver Linings Playbook was a very emotional movie for Cooper because it very much reminded him of those Sundays with his grandfather.

5 George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush

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Prior to becoming the 41st and 43rd Presidents of the United States, George H.W.  and George W. Bush were both governors of Texas. They have always been huge fans of any team from their home state. In the 1960s and 1970s, they were rooting for the Houston Oilers. Now they show their support for the Texans. The two can be spotted at almost any time in the stands during home games. In 2013, the former presidents led the team out onto the field during the NFL’s “Salute to the Troops” week. Before the game started, George Bush Sr. gave all the Texans’ cheerleaders roses. So why are these two former presidents higher on the list than the current president? It shouldn't be too hard to imagine that former presidents have way more time to attend sporting events than the current president does.

4 Faith Hill and Tim McGraw

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3 Ice Cube

2 Matt Stone and Trey Parker

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It is no secret who Matt Stone and Trey Parker cheer for. The two co-creators of Comedy Central’s South Park are two of the biggest Broncos fans in the world. They constantly show their love for the team in their show. Stone and Parker often portray John Elway as  the hero of one of the kids in the show. In the episode titled “City on the Edge of Forever (Flashbacks)”, Eric Cartman recalls discovering that his biological father is actually John Elway. The other characters quickly remind him this isn't untrue.

1 Snoop Dogg 

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The Snoop D-O-Double-Gizzle is one of the most avid football fans in the world. He supports a number of different teams including the Oakland Raiders, Dallas Cowboys, and New England Patriots. However, his favorite team has always been the Pittsburgh Steelers. Snoop Dogg grew up watching the Steelers in the 1970s with his grandfather. Aside from just being an NFL super fan, Snoop is a certified youth football coach. He is the founder and commissioner of the Snoop Youth Football League. The league is designed to give inner city children a chance to learn values of hard work, good sportsmanship, discipline, and self-respect. Prior to starting that league, he was the coach of his son’s youth and high school football teams. His son Cordell was one of the top high school wide receiver prospects in the country.

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