The NFL’s 10 Biggest Party Animals

What happens when you give young men right out of college millions of dollars? You know the answer. You are probably thinking to yourself “they do stupid things,” but honestly what would you have

What happens when you give young men right out of college millions of dollars? You know the answer. You are probably thinking to yourself “they do stupid things,” but honestly what would you have done in their shoes? Everybody likes to let loose from time to time, but nobody parties harder than those who are young and have lots of money.

The NFL is filled with players who are upstanding individuals. It is also filled with a bunch of young guys who like to use their money to have a good time - all the time. There is nothing wrong with partying it up every once in a while. However, there are some who just never want the party to end. Eventually, these people gain a reputation as being party animals.

Some of these party animals should probably quit their ways. Some we just cannot help but love. They are just too entertaining. No matter who you are, you would love to spend a night in one of these guys' shoes. Well, just as long as it's not the night their shoes are going to be held in a police station.

10 Osi Umenyiora -- DE -- Atlanta Falcons


Osi Umenyiora has been in the NFL for quite a while now. He is currently playing defensive end for the Atlanta Falcons. However, before joining this team he was a member of the New York Giants team that won two Super Bowls and was a big fan of the club scene in New York. After winning his second Super Bowl ring, Umenyiora stated he was going to put off all work and party for a month straight. Unlike many athletes who enjoy going crazy when they are not on the field, the Falcons’ defensive end has never gotten into any trouble off the field. He recently announced he has gotten engaged to 2011 Miss Universe Leila Lopes. Though married life normally forces one to settle down, Umenyiora now attends many parties hosted by models for the Miss Universe pageant.

9 Colin Kaepernick -- QB -- San Fransisco 49ers


When you hang out with Dr. Dre, more than likely you know how to let loose. San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick has many photos of him at parties all over the internet. He is currently in the middle of a police investigation involving an incident at a hotel party in Miami. Kaepernick and two other NFL players have been cited by Miami police as suspects. Kaepernick denies the allegations. So far, no charges have been filed and no arrests have been made.

8 Matthew Stafford -- QB -- Detroit Lions


Matthew Stafford of the Detroit Lions was the first overall pick in the 2009 draft. Prior to the draft, photos of him emerged on the internet of him partying it up at Talladega Speedway. The photos show him lifting kegs and hanging out with girls from the University of Georgia’s (Stafford’s alma mater) rival school, Auburn. These photos and Stafford’s reputation of being a party boy were definitely a mark on him before the draft. Even so, his level of talent still allowed him to be the number one overall selection. The Lions made a good choice. To this day, Stafford has not been involved in any off the field incidents.

7 Reggie Bush -- RB -- Detroit Lions


Reggie Bush is the prime example of what to expect when you hand millions of dollars to a twenty-something-year-old. Bush enjoys hanging out in the VIP section of the hottest night clubs, buying exotic cars, hanging out with celebrities, and taking weekend end trips to Las Vegas. In 2011, he took some criticism from the Miami fan base because he was photographed partying it up following the Dolphins’ fourth straight loss. Recently, Bush became a father. Sure enough, three week after his daughter was born he took a week-long trip to Las Vegas to unwind. To illustrate how much this guy enjoys a good party: he dated Kim Kardashian.

6 Casey Hampton -- NT -- Pittsburgh Steelers


This now retired Steelers’ nose tackle is famous for two things, sacking the quarterback and throwing some great parties. He enjoys renting out clubs and throwing parties for the public and inviting many A-list celebrities. At one of these events he got his friend, rapper Biz Markie, to perform. At these parties, you will usually see Hampton on a table top with a bottle showing off his belly.

5 Matt Leinart -- QB -- Free Agent


Sometimes partying too much can be a bad thing. Matt Leinart was selected tenth overall in 2006 by the Arizona Cardinals. His party boy persona did not let up once he got into the NFL. The internet is littered with photos of the quarterback chugging from beer bongs, hitting up the beer pong table, and hanging out in hot tubs with beautiful women. Once these types of photos started surfacing on the web, Cardinals coach Ken Wisenhunt decided it was time to have a little chat with his quarterback. Eventually, it became too much for the team and Leinart was forced into a backup role. The team released Leinart and he has since spent time with the Oakland Raiders and Buffalo Bills. More than likely, Leinart will remain a backup quarterback for the rest of his career but he still has enough money to enjoy himself when he is not on the practice field.

4 Kyle Orton -- QB -- Dallas Cowboys


Kyle Orton is probably just as famous for being a huge party animal as he is for being an NFL quarterback. A website dedicated to posting photos of drunken athletes pretty much became famous because of Orton. They even went as far to give him a nickname, Kyle “The Bottle” Orton. This was because he was usually captured drinking Jack Daniels straight from the bottle. In 2009, he promised that no more photos would emerge of him on the internet. For three years it seemed as if Orton had given up his party boy ways. In 2012, the party called him back and tabloid websites were thrilled.

3 Adam “Pacman” Jones -- CB -- Cincinnati Bengals


During the mid to late 2000s, no athlete partied harder than Adam “Pacman” Jones. When he was drafted in 2005, there were concerns about his off the field issues. It did not take long before those concerns were given weight. That year, after having been drafted sixth overall by the Tennessee Titans, Pacman was arrested for vandalism and assaulting a stripper at a night club. This would not be the only incident involving the cornerback and strip clubs. He had another assault charge brought up against him in 2006. He was also mentioned in connection to drug dealers. Then in 2007, he was linked to a shooting at a night club and was suspended by the NFL for an entire season. Following his suspension, he was once again accused of assaulting a stripper in 2008. He has since been released by the Titans and now plays for the Cincinnati Bengals. Jones is trying to change his ways and no longer wants to be known as “Pacman”. Hopefully he can change; strippers will be safer.

2 Aldon Smith -- LB -- San Fransisco 49ers


Aldon Smith’s partying has developed into a problem. In his short career, Smith has been arrested twice for driving under the influence. The second time, he was found in possession of marijuana. In 2012, he held a party at his home where an altercation broke out and he was stabbed while trying to break up a fight. In 2013, Smith was charged with three felony counts for having illegal weapons. The weapons were found at the 2012 party. Following his most recent DUI, Smith enrolled in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. It apparently did not work too well. Recently he was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport for jokingly stating he had a bomb. The authorities believed he was intoxicated at the time.

1 Rob Gronkowski -- TE -- New England Patriots

Rob Gronkowski is the NFL’s ultimate frat boy. His quote “Yo soy fiesta” pretty much says it all. The internet is loaded with images of the University of Arizona grad partying it up. This guy likes to get down so much that he actually went to an all night blow-out the night his Patriots lost the Super Bowl. His party animal persona earned him the front cover of ESPN Magazine. The magazine cover features Gronk naked with only his private parts covered. Best of all, last year he held an all-female football camp. Of course, libations were provided both before and after the event. The bar was stocked with his very own “Gronk-tinis”. Gronkowski is not only the biggest party animal in the NFL, but he may be the biggest party animal in all of sports today.

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The NFL’s 10 Biggest Party Animals