The 7 Most Luxurious Football Stadiums In The NFL

Some people might ask themselves, why are wildly extravagant surroundings necessary for a football game? After all, it all takes place in what's essentially a modern day gladiator ring.The NFL is notorious for racking up hefty prices so that fans can see their favorite team get that big win on their home field. This is partially because, unlike baseball, football teams only play eight home games during their regular season. That means there is a higher demand for tickets, which leads to higher ticket prices.

Another factor that goes into higher ticket prices is the newness of a stadium. For example, the newest stadiums in the NFL world are the Cowboys’ AT&T stadium and the 49ers’ Levi’s Stadium. Both teams revealed significant increases in ticket prices after their stadium remodels. The Cowboys saw an increase of 31 percent, while the 49ers rose to 40 percent within a year. The reasoning behind this is that new stadiums are often up-to-date with amenities and provide this illusion of luxury that appeals to many fans. With these added upgrades, fans are willing to spend more for a day at the stadium. It boils down to simple supply and demand economics.

While some fields attribute their luxurious reputation to all of the new bells and whistles attached to their booming upgrades, other fields obtain their reputation from the sense of history, the culture, and overall environment that the experience of spending a day watching a football game provides.

So now, the big question is: Which teams have the biggest ticket prices and most luxurious stadium environments? The following are seven stadiums, both old and new, compiled by combining the statistics of the highest ticket prices with the group of fields that have the best reputations to reveal the most luxurious stadiums in the NFL.

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7 Dallas Cowboys, AT&T Stadium

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Average Ticket Price: $322.28

The Cowboys easily have the largest NFL venue. The stadium can hold more than 100,000 crazy fans. This includes regular seating and the fun standing room areas as well for the more rambunctious fans who typically spend the whole game on their feet anyways. However, the most popular place to sit in AT&T Stadium is on the Hall of Fame level located along the sidelines and on the lowest tier of the stadium. This club seating area also comes with additional amenities including wider padded seats, a private entrance, access to upscale club lounges, and a chance to watch the players walk through the concourse before they enter the field.

Fans can enjoy the game by looking down onto the field from their seats or by checking out the close-ups on the giant HD Jumbotron that stretches from one 20 yard line to the other. Another unique aspect of the stadium includes the retractable roof that envelops the venue. This luxurious factor helps control the temperature to ensure that every fan has a comfortable experience.

6 San Francisco 49ers, Levi’s Stadium

Average Ticket Price: $388.18

Levi’s Stadium is the newest and most technologically advanced stadium in the NFL, which is why the ticket costs are so pricey. It comes up-to-date with crazy fast Wi-Fi and access to apps that allow fans to order food and beverages right from their seats. These added amenities guarantee that fans will have a luxurious day out by the field.

The stadium’s oversized inner bowl and small upper decks also makes the seating ideal for fans who want a good view of the game. There is also an option for fans who want to transform their football outing into something a little more upscale. There is an option to choose from one of the 165 luxury suites or 9,000 club seats for the right price as well.

5 Seattle Seahawks, Centurylink Field

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Average Ticket Price: $452.34

With its split-ceiling and roaring crowd, visiting teams are faced with quite a challenge when they come to the Seahawks’ Centurylink Field. You can feel the energy reverberating as soon as you walk in the stadium. In fact, this team’s crowd-deafening roars have registered on a seismograph on more than one occasion. Even Tampa Bay Quarterback, Mike Glennon admits, “It feels like there’s someone with a megaphone screaming in your ear.”

The stadium also has a reputation for its great food and beer vendors. Jon Severson, the onsite executive chef for concession-holder Levy Restaurants, tries to keep things local – which the fans love! Local Food Trucks now line the plaza, like the popular Scott’s Snout & Co. with their famous Cuban barbeque.

4 Kansas City Chiefs, Arrowhead Stadium

Average Ticket Price: $227.82

Arrowhead Stadium was originally erected in 1972, and for an older stadium, it has a great reputation that stems from the experience that the environment provides. During a home game, loyal fans will flock to their stadium in a sea of red and fill the air with anticipation and excitement.

And it all begins at the tailgate! People from around the nation flock to Arrowhead tailgate parties to soak in the atmosphere and to get a taste of the best meat from the barbecue capital – Gates BBQ stand is a big name with barbeque that will blow your mind. With its old-school coliseum feel, the venue provides an inviting atmosphere for fans filled with tasty BBQ and friendly people.

3 Pittsburgh Steelers, Heinz Field

Average Ticket Price: $328.12

Heinz Field is one of the liveliest sporting venues in the country during football season. Steelers fans are often viewed as the class of the league with their loud and proud attitude. This historical reputation has built up over the years, as evidence by the Great Hall display located on the 100 level of Heinz. The Great Hall showcases all of the Steelers Pro Football Hall of Fame players, six Super Bowl trophies, season highlights, and historical recounts.

The layout may be fairly simple, but the atmosphere of the stadium is constantly buzzing. Its central location allows attendees to look out to the south shore of the Allegheny River and downtown Pittsburgh. Every seat provides a great view and, in general, the stadium is accessible and fairly easy to navigate. With its breathtaking views and rowdy crowd, this stadium provides the essence of hometown luxury.

2 Chicago Bears, Soldier Field

Average Ticket Price: $348.99

Soldier Field is the oldest venue in the NFL and represents the idea of vintage luxury. The history of the field is priceless. It carries on a tradition of honoring more than a century of veterans, from World War I to present day. The energy that the fans provide is also truly something special. Everyone is focused on the game and all the fans genuinely care about the team.

After all these years, the Bears have managed to keep their ticket prices competitive by appealing to their loyal fans and keeping their amenities up to date. The suites are all first class in terms of food, space, and drinks.

1 Green Bay Packers, Lambeau Field

Average Ticket Price: $261.73

Lambeau is the most sacred field in football history - the same field where the famous Coach Vince Lombardi once stalked the sidelines. Fans often refer to it as “special” and “historic,” which is why it’s definitely worthy of a bucket-list trip in terms of professional sporting venues. Despite its numerous renovations, it remains one of America’s sporting treasures.

The stadium maintains a quaint charm, tucked away in the tiny, quiet neighborhood of Green Bay. There are hardly any commercial buildings and the stadium is set between a collection of sports bars, hotels, and blue-collar homes. The atrium in the venue provides a beautiful space and the luxury boxes have a great view of the field as well.

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