15Julio Jones (Atlanta Falcons - Wide Receiver)

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When building your fantasy football team you need to choose your wide receivers carefully. Most leagues will give you two or three in your starting lineup so you have to get as many points as you can from them. One of your top picks should always be Julio

Jones of the Atlanta Falcons.

Jones had a monster year last season and this year could be even better. He won’t last long in any draft so you’d better pick him up early. Last season he had 136 catches for 1,871 yards and he scored eight touchdowns. He had 100 yards or more receiving in nine games and that alone is good for a ten point game in fantasy football. If you tack on a touchdown it’s a sixteen point game for him and those are nice days to get from your receivers. Many people believe that he will be the best point producing wide out this season so don’t think twice about grabbing him as soon as you can.

Over the course of last season he scored a total of 239 fantasy points and averaged just under 15 points per game. If you don’t want him on your squad you obviously have no visions of winning your league championship.

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