10 Best New England Patriots Draft Picks Since 2000

There are teams that do well to find talent in NFL Drafts, and then there are the New England Patriots. The Patriots were as much of a dynasty as one could have been in the first decade of the 21st

There are teams that do well to find talent in NFL Drafts, and then there are the New England Patriots.

The Patriots were as much of a dynasty as one could have been in the first decade of the 21st century, and how the team handled its business in multiple drafts played a significant role in that occurring. New England hitting on picks on the second and third rounds of drafts is now so commonplace that it is actually surprising when it doesn't happen. No pressure on you, quarterback Ryan Mallett. Mallett was taken with the 74th pick of the 2011 NFL Draft.

How sit back and enjoy the 10 best New England Patriots draft picks of the 21st century

10 Matt Cassel - QB - 230th overall in 2005

Matt Cassel got his chance to shine in 2008 when Tom Brady was lost for the season early in Week 1. Shine Cassel did, throwing for 3,963 yards, completing over 63 percent of his passes (both career highs) and tossing 21 touchdowns. His campaign earned him a shiny new contract with the Kansas City Chiefs, but while he has had some solid years in the league, he has never developed into a true franchise quarterback.

Think what could have been had Cassel never been drafted, or if he had been taken before New England could grab him. It's possible that Cassel would never have gotten all of those starts and all of that money.

9 Stephen Gostkowski - K - 118th overall in 2006

Mark J. Rebilas/USA TODAY Sports Images

Back in 2006 the Patriots allowed the always-reliable Adam Vinatieri to move on via free agency. Move on Vinatieri did, signing with the Indianapolis Colts. New England responded by drafting a guy that most who aren't draft gurus had never heard of before, as his name was called in the fourth round of the player selection process.

It worked out pretty well for the Patriots.

8 Eugene Wilson - S - 36th overall in 2003

It could be argued that Wilson never fully lived up to the potential he showed early on in his career. He had four interceptions and 61 tackles in his rookie season, and four picks and 67 tackles in his second year in the league. While he only had one interception in 2005, Wilson did have 68 tackles.

7 Rob Gronkowski - TE - 42nd overall in 2010

Matthew Emmons/USA TODAY Sports Images

Gronk would have been much higher up this list two years ago. He went for 90 receptions and 17 touchdowns in 2011. He followed it up with 11 touchdown grabs in 2012, but injuries kept him out of five regular season games.

6 Deion Branch - WR - 65th overall in 2002

Greg M. Cooper/USA TODAY Sports Images

Branch wasn't a steal as much as he was just plain good value. He had his best campaign with the Patriots in 2005 when he finished the regular season with 78 receptions and five touchdowns. Branch then held out the following year, and the Patriots traded him to the Seattle Seahawks for a first round pick.

5 Richard Seymour - DE - 6th overall in 2001

A defensive player taken with such a high draft pick must be molded into a cornerstone of a championship-caliber defense in order to be worth it. Seymour was that and then some. Named to seven Pro Bowl rosters. An All-Pro on three occasions. Three Super Bowl rings. Named to a first-team All-2000s team.

Seymour didn't let the Patriots down.

4 Julian Edelman - WR - 232nd overall in 2009

Mark J. Rebilas/USA TODAY Sports Images

One could easily argue that Edelman should be higher up this list because of when he was picked and what he contributed to the Pats in 2013. In what has proven to be an important season for him in New England, Edelman reeled in 105 of 151 targets. He had 1,056 receiving yards and six touchdowns.

3 Vince Wilfork - DT - 21st overall in 2004

Wilfork, like Seymour, serves as a reminder that a player doesn't have to be taken outside of the first day of a draft in order to be a great find for a team. He had nine productive seasons for the Pats, during which he had 460 tackles and 16 sacks. Wilfork was, in that time, named to five Pro Bowl squads.

2 Asante Samuel - CB - 120th overall in 2003

New England's fifth player taken in 2003, Samuel was, when in his prime, a shutdown corner and maybe the best in the game at the position. His top season with the Patriots was in 2006. He had 65 tackles and ten interceptions that year. The following season, Samuel had six picks.

1 Tom Brady - QB - 199th overall in 2000

Mark J. Rebilas/USA TODAY Sports Images

Think of the Cleveland Browns when you consider just how much of a steal Brady was and has been for New England. Cleveland passed on the University of Michigan quarterback again...and again...and again 14 years ago. The Browns have never had a franchise QB since returning to the NFL in 1999.

Brady, meanwhile, will be in the Hall of Fame as soon as he hits the ballot.

Five Super Bowl appearances. Three Super Bowl victories. Arguably the best draft pick in the history of North American professional sports. Brady is the type of pick that comes once in a generation.

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