Floyd Mayweather Workout

An athlete’s training plays a vital role in their daily routine. After all their careers depend on their health, endurance and stamina.

For the past 14 years, Floyd Mayweather has become the "king of the ring" and a nine-time champion in five different weight divisions. With the nickname “pretty boy,” this boxing icon is yet to be defeated.

Considered one of the best conditioned fighters, his workout routine has helped boost his strength, agility and endurance.

So what does Mayweather do to keep in such good shape?

In an interview, he revealed he frequents the gym daily. The first thing he does is shadow boxing for 10 minutes. Daily activities include jogging for 5 miles, 40 pullups, 200 situps, sparring, hand, floor and neck works and jumps rope for 5 minute intervals.

He has disclosed that winning also comes with a conditioned mind. He never goes into a fight thinking that his opponent can outlast him. But the boxing champion is firm in keeping his pre-game plan a secret.

Mayweather's health plan is not just pure training and workout. He also makes sure his body is supplied with proper nutrition by having healthy low calorie meals.

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Floyd Mayweather Workout