Dennis Rodman Broke : Owes $808,935 in Child Support

Dennis Rodman really knows how to make it to the news with his reputation.

After occupying the media headlines for visiting North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un and acting as unofficial sports ambassador without permission from the White House, Rodman is again back with a money scandal.

His ex-wife Michelle filed for back payments worth $860,376 - $808,935 in child support and $51,441 in spousal support. But his attorney said the NBA Hall of Famer is broke and cannot pay the amount. He cited his alcoholism and vices as reasons for his short of fund.

Unable to pay his debt, he faces up to 20 days in jail and was only permitted to see his two children, Trinity and Dennis Thayne twice a month for a maximum of four hours.

But Michelle’s attorney counters the claim of Rodman’s attorney. Her attorney asserted Rodman is not destitute for he even manages to travel around the world and party in nightclubs. He still maintains a profligate lifestyle with his 47-foot speedboat, Ford 350 pickup, and frequent loud parties in his house in Newport Beach. And how about the more than $27 million he earned plus additional revenue from endorsements during his NBA career?

Rodman is also bombarded with debt scandal such as his $285k debt to the IRS, a $219k debt for child support with his previous relationship, a $250k judgment listed against him in Nevada, and $350,000 in back taxes in his NBA pension.

But in an interview, Rodman defended himself denying that he is broke and is drowned in alcoholism. He said he pays for his child support and is living a decent life. He also clarified he never tried cocaine.

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Dennis Rodman Broke : Owes $808,935 in Child Support