David Beckham Salary

David Beckham is football's highest-paid player! He kicked four-time world player Lionel Messi into second place, according to France Football magazine.

The former England captain joined Paris Saint-Germain in January for a five-month contract. He is expected to earn 36 million euros ($46.6 million) in 2012-13. His various endorsements contributed five percent of his income. But with a philanthropic heart, he announced that he will be donating all of his salary to the French local children.

Receiving zero from his salary, the former Manchester United and Real Madrid player will never run out of cash for he still has lucrative endorsement contracts left. He also signed up as ambassador for two - China and Sky Sports which will earn him £20million for five years. Forbes has estimated Beckham to have earned £33million last year.

FC Barcelona’s Messi came second with an income of 35 million euros. Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo was third with 30 million euros.

Earning millions of bucks from his professional football career, the 38-year-old superstar played his final game last weekend after announcing his retirement earlier this month.  For his more than 20 years of career, he has amassed 19 major trophies plus other astounding awards.

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David Beckham Salary