David Beckham Cars

Now that he has settled down away from his more than 20 years in football, David Beckham can now focus on his second passion which is driving his luxury and sports cars.

The 38-year-old megastar’s prized possessions include; Audi S8, Ferrari, Porsce 911, BMW M3, BMW Z4, Lamborghini Gallardo and Bentley Arnage.  His Lamborghini is said to have 110 thousands pound sterling.

Above is Beckham seen getting into his Bentley Mulsanne

Next is his flamin red Ferrari 550 Maranello.

His Jaguar XJ seems to be one of his favorites considering the smile seen pasted on Beckham's face as he is driving.

Finally here is his 1969 Porsche 911. Although it may be a smaller car, I'm sure it doesn't hinder his appreciation for his collection.

Recently, David has dropped some bucks when he purchased two Audi Q3s for his mother Sandra and mother-in-law Jackie for a £30,000. It is his thank you gift for their constant support to him and for watching over his family when he was still busy with his football career.

Being one of the most celebrated football players, he has been away from his family and left them to his parents. Beckham has four children with his wife Victoria.

After his retirement, he now has plenty of time to focus on his old hobby. His friend and well-known Hollywood star Tom Cruise, who is also his motorcycle buddy, has been offering him a film career, of which David admitted he always wanted to be an action star.

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David Beckham Cars