Danica Patrick Reveals what Dating Rick Stenhouse Jr, Her Competitor is Like

Yes it is true. The Formula One ace Danica Patrick is officially dating her competitor. One would never have expected to see her and Rick Stenhouse Jr. together in a romantic way, but the fans of both these superstars are now in for an absolute delight.

Danica Patrick revealed that she is in a relationship with Rick and is not going to pretend now or in the future that they don’t love each other. The two are quite serious about each other and might soon be seen to take things to the next level. Of course, Patrick was asked about whether or not she was apprehensive of getting involved with a person who is also a professional equal. Mixing pleasure with business is not something that Patrick is really known to do, but she is not worried about it this time around.

Danica Patrick was asked an obvious question to which her reply was quite curt as well as sincere. No, if something did happen to Rick on the race track she would leave his care to those responsible for it. She would carry on the race and focus on winning. This is quite remarkable and goes to show how successful professionals can indeed divide separate time for work and separate time for other things and not allow the two of these to get mixed up in any way. Danica Patrick is extremely well known as is Rick Stenhouse Junior, but the two of them are happy to avoid looking at each other from a romantic angle when out on the race track.

Danica Patrick has sure made her fans proud by saying this. Her fan list is sure to see an increase sometime soon, and one wonders how lucky Rick must be feeling to have such a woman in his life.

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