The Aftermath: 10 Losers of Mayweather Fights

Floyd Mayweather steals a lot of hope from fans of his challengers as he wins in impeccable matches, usually beating the light weight and middleweight players. As we turn our heads toward the last ten

Floyd Mayweather steals a lot of hope from fans of his challengers as he wins in impeccable matches, usually beating the light weight and middleweight players. As we turn our heads toward the last ten fights he had, we may think that those losers are going home with nothing at all while Mayweather brings home the bacon, but what we don’t know are the benefits and the aftermath of their loss. Here is the list in a timeline list of the fights.

10 Zab Judah: Earned $7 Million (Mainly From Percentage of Profits)

The 2006 fight between Zab Judah and Floyd Mayweather was known to many viewers of Mayweather fans as he had won the title in International Boxing Federation for this fight. The challenge came out last April 8, 2006 at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Challenger Zab Judah was known for his five world titles within light and welterweight categories. He was also known as the World Welterweight Champion.

The two had managed to fight rigorously as Judah almost hits a knockdown with Mayweather but his anticipations of the challenger seem to be lower than what they should be. However, the fifth and the tenth round changed this view as Mayweather hits Judah and makes him bleed.

In the end, Mayweather won the challenge taking home $5 million. Judah on the other hand, agreed to take home $3 million plus a percentage from the show’s revenue if he had won. His loss however, only allowed him to take home the $1 million guarantee and percent from profits. Though this is the case, Judah still took home more than $7 million.

9 Carlos Baldomir: Earned $1.6 Million

It was a serious chase for Carlos Baldomir during the fight against Mayweather last November 4, 2006 as he faced a really challenging fight. Without any accurate punches landing on his opponent, Baldomir was in serious trouble especially when Mayweather landed a jab and a hook at the first round. The cut had of course, made a serious impact to his performance and had allowed his opponent to continue having the upper hand. In the end, the title had been given to Mayweather who took home $8 million while Baldomir only had $1.6 million. It doesn’t seem much for a boxer these days but that amount is quite handy back then.

8 Oscar De La Hoya: Earned $58 Million

May 5, 2007 was awaited by many viewers as Mayweather faced the six-division champion and WBC light-middleweight champ Oscar De La Hoya. The fight generated a lot of viewers from pay per view, which was at 2.7 million buyers.

The fight disappointed De La Hoya fans as he failed to hit Mayweather in his targets, which in the end cost him to lose the fight. The scores were in favor of Mayweather at a split decision but despite the loss, De La Hoya still took home $58 million!

7 Ricky Hatton: Earned $12 Million

Golden Boy Productions and Maywether Promotions had given this fight a boost for the audiences to look forward to a fight between Ricky Hatton and Floyd Mayweather. This was a turning point for Mayweather as it was his chance to prove his welterweight title.

With the promotions entitled “Undefeated,” the fight was a face-off between undefeated welterweights. This was one of the boastful moments Mayweather was known for as he announced that he was the greatest.

Happening at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada last December 8, 2007, the fight was as exciting for fans of both undefeated players. In the 10th round, Hatton had faced the grounds as he was knocked down by Mayweather with a cut in his eye. It was Mayweather’s game to win even though he admitted that Hatton was a tough player, taking home around $11-12 million while Hatton took home a guarantee of $6-8 million. Of course, both players still had profits from the show and at an estimate, Hatton received an additional $4 million and Mayweather’s earnings reached up to $25 million on that fight.

6 Juan Manuel Marquez: Earned $3.8 Million

In 2009, Mayweather had a comeback fight against the lightweight champ, Juan Manuel Marquez. After retiring for almost two years and having an injury in the ribs, he was about to face a fight for MGM Grand in Las Vegas on HBO on September 19 that year. This fight was controversial as it featured a fight outside his weight and within a memorandum agreement that involved weight variants and guaranteed amounts. In the fight, Marquez was able to hit Mayweather with 583 punches but were not accurate enough while Mayweather had a number of 490 punches and 59 percent of those were hits. The fight generated over $52 million for the show through HBO where Juan Marquez received a guarantee of $3.2 million despite his loss in the challenge and additional $600,000 to compensate the 2 pound excess of Mayweather’s weight. The winner earned $10 million from the challenge.

5 Shane Mosley: Earned $6.7 Million

The challenger Shane Mosley came into the picture with Mayweather when the 2010 Haiti earthquake disrupted some mergers. Both parties showed interest in the challenge as they went off to fight for the Mosley’s WBA super-welterweight title last May 1, 2010.

The challenge was almost convincing that Mosley was about to win as he hit Mayweather in an outstanding punch but as the rounds went off, the champion, Mayweather, got to control and avoid the power punches of Mosley.

The fight had generated $78.3 million where Mayweather took home a guaranteed $22.5 millon and a percentage from the pay per view subscription purchases while Mosley received $6.7 million.

4 Victor Ortiz: Earned $2 Million

A twitter announcement last June 7, 2011 captured the attention of many as Mayweather announced the challenge against Victor Ortiz under the WBC welterweight champion. The challenge was surprising as it was Mayweather’s first challenge in more than a year to the ring #2-ranked welterweight Ortiz. The challenge took place at MGM Grand Garden Arena last September 17, 2011 where Mayweather almost seemed to have lost after the results of the fourth round where Mayweather suffered a cut. At the latter part of the fight, Mayweather took advantage of a moment where Ortiz’s guards were down and had caused the victory of Mayweather. Though some see it as a cheating method, he still went home with a guaranteed amount of $25 million or more that was expected to be hitting around $40 million for the pay per view. Meanwhile Ortiz went home with his $2 million. The event generated $78 million from viewers and has been known as the highest pay per view show for boxing.

3 Miguel Cotto: Earned $8 Million

When Floyd Mayweather returned to the ring side May 5, 2012 the audience of the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas were in awe for him to defeat Miguel Cotto despite his absence for so long in the industry. Mayweather was moved in a category of heavier weight where Cotto was known to be the WBA super welterweight champion and the number 1 ranked light middleweight champ which is why it makes this fight as interesting as it turned out to be.

The fight ended up with 12 rounds that were all sided to Mayweather as he swept through the ring outboxing Cotto in his movements and cornering him in the ropes. Mayweather then received a guaranteed $45 million while Cotto received $8 million out of the $94 million that the show had generated. It was the second biggest profit generating non-heavyweight fight witnessed in boxing.

2 Robert Guerrero: Earned $3 Million

Before Alvarez came in, Mayweather and Robert Guerrero had a duel last May 4, 2013 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena fighting for the title of the WBC interim welterweight champion. Though Mayweather had just come out of prison and was expected to be out of shape , however he still won the challenge and went home taking the $32 million that Showtime PPV had guaranteed him.

The fight was a challenge for Mayweather as Guerrero attempted a rough battle into the rounds and through the ropes but after the second round, he swiftly took control and gained the title in the end.

While $32 million was taken by Mayweather together with his $1-2 million pay per view revenue, Robert Guerrero was guaranteed $3 million for the fight.

1 Saul Alvarez: Earned $12 Million

Looking right through the recent fight dated just last September 14, 2013 is his match with Saul Alvarez at the MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas. People were excited for the fight and many participants were ready to pay a $65-$75 fee for pay-per-view. The match was as expected by the Mayweather fans, attaining all scores except one. Mayweather showed his great efforts with his punches rolling at 46 percent while Alvarez was at 22 percent. Reports indicate that Mayweather received $41.5 million for winning the fight. Alvarez meanwhile received a guaranteed $5 million from the fight, along with the Mexican television contracts; hence the expected amount he gained is around $12 million. This was Alvarez’ first loss in his punching career but his first loss still gained a lot of money.

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