Pacquiao and Mayweather: It is Now Time for the Fight of the Century

Manny Pacquiao has had an up and down road as of late. He would lose a controversial decision to Timothy Bradley back in June of 2012 when everyone except the judges could see that Pacquiao was domina

Manny Pacquiao has had an up and down road as of late. He would lose a controversial decision to Timothy Bradley back in June of 2012 when everyone except the judges could see that Pacquiao was dominating the fight and had clearly won. To make matters worse for team Pacquiao, Manny would get the business from his long-time nemesis, Mexican superstar Juan Manuel Marquez in a shocking sixth-round KO that put Manny into a state of unconsciousness before he hit the canvas. However, all became right with the world last week as one Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao, otherwise known as “Pac-Man,” worked over a very game Timothy Bradley in a twelve-round unanimous decision at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas.

Quite the opposite can be said for Floyd “Money” Mayweather. He has continued to dominate everything with a pulse in the Super Feather weight to the Light Middleweight divisions for years, and even though he retired from the game for a short period, he has not missed a step with four unanimous decisions, one majority decision and one knock out in his six fights after coming out of his hiatus.

Both Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. have fought everyone there is to fight, and have shown that they are the two best, pound for pound champions in the boxing world; it is now time for the match of the century. The public has been clamoring for this meeting for years and the consensus is that Money Mayweather has been ducking the Pac-Man. It appeared that a fight was on the verge of happening a few years back, but then Mayweather’s camp made a demand that Pacquiao agree to a drug test the week of the event, something that the Filipino fighter balked at. Some saw this as Pacquiao not wanting to risk a positive test, while others felt that this was just another way for Mayweather’s team to avoid the fight all together because they knew that such a request was uncommon, and that Manny would never agree to it.

We have created ten points on the two greats and will leave it up to you to decide who may come out on top in what will surely be the fight of the century, (if it ever happens).

10 Pacquiao: Quality of Opponents

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9 Mayweather: Quality of Opponents

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8 Pacquiao: Likes to Come Forward Making Him Susceptible to Knockout

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Manny likes to keep things moving forward; often attacking his opponents in a rash of aggressive shots that force them to take to their heels. In his recent contest with Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley, Pac-Man forced his younger nemesis against the ropes time and time again, and any shots that Bradley was able to land, only energized Pac-Man into a blitzkrieg style attack that left Timothy stunned and bewildered. He is one of those fighters that appears to get stronger as the fight goes on, and is much more interested in keeping his opponents on the defensive; such is the style of Pacquiao.

However, as Juan Manuel Marques showed the world on December 9th, 2012, Pac-Man is susceptible to the knockout. Even though Manny was clearly winning this fourth contest, he wanted to make a statement and continued to aggressively attack Marquez; a poor strategy as during the 6th round, Pac Man walked into a devastating right hand that would have sent Mike Tyson reeling. After the fight, he had conceded that he was on a mission to knock out Marquez after their previous contest ended in a controversial majority decision for the Pac-Man.

7 Mayweather: Defense Minded

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6 Pacquiao: God-like speed

One of the biggest complaints of any opponent is that Pacquiao is just too quick. Even though the odds heavily favored de la Hoya in their 2008 matchup, the Sports Inquirer stated that “Pacquiao snatched those odds and ran them through a shredder, pummeling de la Hoya with a dizzying combination of speed and power for eight rounds until the latter quit in the ninth.” The “Golden Boy” could even be overheard complaining to his cornermen, “He’s too fast.”

5 Mayweather: Likes the Long Haul

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4 Pacquiao: Ability to Attack From All Angles with Power

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3 Mayweather: Counterpuncher Extraordinaire

2 Pacquiao: Throws Punches in Bunches

1 Mayweather: Walks the Walk

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It is no coincidence that Floyd Mayweather has become the highest paid athlete in the history of highly paid athletes. It is estimated that this year alone, Floyd will earn a staggering $73.5 million for his fights, which does not include income from endorsements or other business ventures. There are two reasons why this is so; first Floyd is a talker; second, Floyd backs it up. Pretty Boy has not only mastered the squared circle, he has mastered the hype, stirring it up faster than Betty Crocker. He is not shy about calling out his opponents for any weakness that he can find and is happy to make himself the bad guy in every contest.

He is also fond of flaunting his wealth on a regular basis with social media posts and television tours of his mega-mansion, diamond encrusted watches and vast luxury car collection. All would be for not if Mayweather were KO'd in the first round, but the reality is that he is the beatdown king and has demonstrated that he can talk a good game and back it up at the expense of his opponent. All of this generates enough hype and controversy to make even the greatest boxing promoter green with envy, and the result is usually the highest pay per view revenues per date.

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Pacquiao and Mayweather: It is Now Time for the Fight of the Century