$256,000 Per Punch: Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Ever wonder what it would be like to be worth $170 Million? Just ask Floyd. Since his professional boxing debut in 1996, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has become one of the greatest boxers in the history of the sport. Mayweather has competed in many class ranges and is currently a welterweight champion with the WBC and WBA. He has a 45-0 record with 26 knockouts.

His talent has landed him millions of dollars for his fights, helping the boxer become as known for his lavish lifestyle as he is for his fancy footwork. It isn't for nothing that the boxing icon has earned himself the nickname Floyd "Money" Mayweather. The number speak for themselves, as the cash Mayweather has earned for each of his fights is pretty amazing. As of his last bout in September 2013, where he beat Saul Alvarez in a decision, Mayweather has earned a total of $350 million in prize money alone.

Mayweather's winnings have increased progressively over the course of his fighting career. Although he took a small pay cut, earning $41.5 million in his fight with Alvarez versus the $50 million he got for fighting Robert Guerrero in May 2013, it's far more than the $8 million he got for his fight with Carlos Baldomir in November 2006.

Statistics on the exact number of punches that Mayweather has thrown in the ring as a professional boxer are unclear, as records of some of his earliest fights are not available. These include his first victory in October 1996 where he knocked out Roberto Apodaca. That was only a four-round fight. Mayweather didn't have a ten-round fight until September 1997 when he knocked out Louie Leija.

When regarding Mayweather's more recent duels, the amount he makes for each punch in a bout is especially staggering. Mayweather landed 232 punches against Alvarez, earning him around $179,000 per punch during that single fight. Versus Guerrero in May 2013, Mayweather landed 195 punches. This tallied around $256,000 per punch. In May 2007 he beat Oscar De La Hoya in a split decision and was paid $25 million for the bout. Mayweather landed 207 punches in that fight, thus giving him $120,000 per punch.

Even the fights where Mayweather only earned money in the seven-digit range have proven to be profitable. In November 2006, he got $8 million when he beat Carlos Baldomir. He landed 199 punches, making $40,200 per punch. A huge amount, but nothing compared to what he's used to making today.

Despite nearing the end of his career at 36 years old, Mayweather's earnings per punch are not diminishing. He is at the start of a 30-month, six-fight deal that he signed with Showtime. This deal is worth $200 million to Mayweather and may end up increasing based on how pay-per-view sales go. He has already been in four fights on this deal in which he gets at least $33 million per fight plus bonuses based on how much money his pay-per-view events get.

Because he has earned so much over the years, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is able to keep up an unbelievably expensive lifestyle with loads of luxuries the average person could only dream about. Forbes named him the highest-earning athlete in the world for 2011-12. He's been known to reportedly do things like leave brand new pairs of sneakers behind in his hotel rooms after only one wear. He's also said to never wear a pair of underwear more than once. Some of his expensive belongings include a full assortment of luggage products from Louis Vuitton as well as a fine leather jacket worth about $100,000. These small amenities could be paid off with one or two punches in his next bout.

Mayweather has frequented the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas, where many of his most recent fights have taken place. He currently possesses $130,000 in casino chips and even spent $150,000 on one bet for a first-round line on a South Carolina college football game in November 2012. Again, these are things that can be paid for in less than five punches.

Mayweather also just recently bought a new Rolls Royce Wraith. This car cost $300,000 and features a twin-turbo V12 engine and an eight-speed automatic transmission. While it is not as expensive as a $450,000 Rolls-Royce Phantom, Mayweather could easily pay for several of these cars in just a few rounds of boxing. His entire luxury car collection is divided into two colour-coded groups, white for those he leaves at his LA mansion, black for Miami. It helps him keep track of which city he's in at the time.

It's not certain as to what Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s next fight is going to entail, but it is known that he will continue to make a large amount of money thanks to his popularity, his sheer power and his insane deal with Showtime. His efforts in the ring have helped him to land one of the flashiest lifestyles that anyone could ever dream of, with each of his punches being worth more than the average american makes in an entire year.

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$256,000 Per Punch: Floyd Mayweather Jr.