10 Shocking Facts About Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather has made headlines for being an uber-successful (and rich) boxer. He is the undefeated, world class boxer that continues to make waves in the news. There is the story we are most familiar with: his winnings, his 11 world titles and his successes in four different boxing weight classes. The best pound-for-pound welterweight boxer ever has a lot of history under his award-winning belt. From a dysfunctional childhood, to scuffles with police and loads and loads of money, he is living the glamorous (and sometimes not-so-glamorous) life.

This list includes 10 shocking facts about Floyd Mayweather. Take a look and you may find some surprising tidbits, such as his love of being primed and pampered and his buddy-buddy bromance with a pop singer. Mayweather continues to amaze us, whether it is with his boxing gloves or his larger-than-life bank account. There are some hidden stories behind the smiling face, the rock-steady gaze, and the smack-talk.

We hope the items on this list will give you a closer glimpse of Floyd Mayweather's lifestyle of riches and fame. This is an athlete who started from the bottom and has made a sometimes infamous name for himself. Enjoy reading all about it!

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10 He Had A Rough Childhood

Mayweather is not exaggerating when he says he has been through hell during his childhood. Considering that he lived in a tiny house with a load of relatives, and his father was active in the drug dealing business, we could say things were rough, indeed. Senior Mayweather had a bad temper that often resulted in violence, and ended up serving a jail sentence for cocaine trafficking charges. Mayweather's mom was a drug addict, and he lost his aunt to AIDS. Mayweather may be able to put some of the blame for his violent tendencies on his upbringing. After all, his dad was shot while holding Mayweather back in 1978.

9 He Fought in WWE

Mayweather may be known for boxing, but he took a turn as a fighter in the WWE. Back on February 17, 2008, Mayweather participated in WWE's No Way Out pay-per-view fight. During this match, he beat up Big Show, who was fighting in a match against Rey Misterio. He provoked Mayweather, who was sitting ringside, watching the match. Mayweather began to lose his temper, and after breaking through his entourage, he entered the ring and threw some punches at Big Show. The fight had to be broken up by Shane McMahon, and Big Show was left with a bloody nose and mouth.

8 He Has Been Charged With Numerous Domestic Violence Charges

We could attribute it to Mayweather's tough upbringing, but he has definitely attracted some attention for his domestic violence charges. In December 2011, he was sentenced to 90 days in prison after he pled guilty to a domestic violence charge in Las Vegas, Nevada. At that same trial, Mayweather pled no contest to two harassment charges. The boxer has also been arrested on numerous occasions since 2002 for battery and violence. He got into police skirmishes in his native Grand Rapids, Michigan as well. It looks as though Mayweather needs to save the fighting for inside the boxing ring, not outside of it.

7 He Makes Mad Money – And Loves to Spend It Frivolously

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Mayweather's net worth stand at $380 million, and he makes about $100 million per fight. He is not only a boxer, but an actor as well, and is among the richest professional boxers. The figures for his payoff from the May 2, 2015 “Fight of the Century” against Manny Pacquiao suggest he made somewhere between $150 million and $200 million. Mayweather and Pacquiao were expected to split the profits from that fight 60-40. If we add that to his overall earnings, Mayweather has made about $610 million in his lifetime. It is said that he has a single bank account containing $123 million.

6 He is Training Justin Bieber

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The baby-faced Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber is reportedly training with Mayweather. Apparently, Bieber is a mainstay in Mayweather's entourage, and now the singer wants to get trained by the number one boxer in the world. Bieber has been spotted training with Mayweather in his Las Vegas gym, and Bieber is often sitting ringside during Mayweather's boxing matches. How cute. Bieber is 17 years younger than Mayweather, and has an impressive record of 0 fights and 0 wins, compared to Mayweather's undefeated record of 47 wins and 0 losses. The two are incredibly rich though. Bieber made $80 million in 2014 alone, while Mayweather cashed in at $105 million in that same year.

5 He Put On His Dancing Shows for Live Television

In Season 5 of ABC's Dancing With The Stars, Mayweather shuffled and stepped onto television screens with his partner, Karina Sminoff. He did not make it very far, and was the fourth celebrity eliminated from the show. We guess his cha-cha-cha just was not as impressive as his boxing stance. His best dance move was said to be the Paso Doble (two-step), but it just did not make the dancing cut. During the show, Mayweather had to balance his time between dance class and training for his December 8th, 2009 fight against Ricky Hatton. We guess Mayweather will not be lacing up his dancing shoes any time soon.

4 He Makes His Body Guards Fly Separately

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When you are the richest boxer in the world, you can find a way out of your phobias. It is said that Mayweather is a bit freaked out by flying, and he actually has his big and bulky bodyguards fly on a separate plane when he flies. Mayweather claims that he does not want to fly through the skies with his heavy-weight “Money Team” weighing down the aircraft. His own private jet is complete with a masseuse and personal barber (even though he does not really have any hair.) The Money Team staffs about 20 big and burly men who are at Mayweather's beck and call.

3 He Has Underwear Discrimination

It is a good thing that Mayweather is practically rolling in the dough, because he refuses to reuse his underwear. That is correct: he will not wear the same pair of underwear twice. It is said that he has the same habit with his shoes. Mayweather spends about $6,500 a year on underwear, since apparently he will not even tolerate a spick-and-span washing. His boxers must be in pristine condition, and with the amount of money he spends on them in just one year, he must be buying some extremely nice-looking ones. On the other hand, he pays for other people to take off their clothes; Mayweather once spent $100,000 during a strip-club visit.

2 He Likes To Bet On Sporting Events

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On May 18, 2015, Mayweather made headlines as a very lucky sports bettor. Turns out, Mayweather loves to throw his cash around, and he avidly bets on sporting events. He won about $830,000 in one weekend, and said he got “paid” to do the betting. He placed a $350,000 betting slip on four different events involving the Rockets, Clippers, Hawks, and Wizards. He also bet on a match between Gennady Golovkin and William Monroe Jr. Mayweather came out on top on all four of those bets, and bragged about his winnings on Instagram. Maybe he will treat himself to another stash of brand-new boxers.

1 He Likes His Mani-Pedis

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Mayweather takes great pride in his appearance, and reportedly spends about 2 hours primping himself each and every morning. He shaves his entire body every day, because a hairless body is a happy one. Mayweather has also been spotted getting manicures and pedicures with none other than his new best bud, Justin Bieber. The two went on a spa date for nails and massages before Mayweather's big fight against Marcos Maidana. Mayweather is also reported to get a mani-pedi treatment once a week during training camp. The lavish lifestyle just would not be complete without some pampering, and it seems Mayweather is not one to shy away form special treatment.

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