These 10 Beautiful NBA WAGs Are A Slam Dunk

Like a lot of professional athletes, most basketball players live a privileged existence. While they are expected to sacrifice a lot of their time, energy, and focus to their sport, they are generally very generously compensated. The average NBA salary hovers over $4 million per season although several players are making well over $20 million per year. This average salary is in excess of salaries in MLB, NHL, and NFL. These big dollars allow basketball players to indulge in some of the finest luxuries such as big houses, fast cars, and expensive clothes. They also enjoy having access to some smoking hot women.

Most of these WAGs aren’t just gold-digging bimbos. Of course, there are definitely a few, but a lot of these women have already been successful in modeling, acting, business, and even sports. They have university educations, degrees, and career goals. Their relationships have been strong enough to withstand the long distances and temptations that both parties face; though our number 1 doesn't seem to mind if her husband explores other options! There are a lot of WAGs that have been positive and stabilizing influences on their men and, in some cases, they can be credited with saving and preserving careers. It’s common to hear basketball players go out of their way to acknowledge their WAGs during retirement speeches and Hall of Fame inductions.

As long as there is an NBA there will be NBA WAGs. The players will continue being the envy of many men and their WAGs will be admired. There are hundreds of stunning NBA WAGs to choose from but here are the top 10 NBA WAGs you need to see.

10 Kendra Shaw


6’9” Julius Randle was dating Kendra Shaw before the Lakers drafted him in 2014. The 21-year-old power forward hit the jackpot with a multi-million dollar contract. Some would say that Kendra hit the jackpot too. Despite a frustrating start to his career, Julius bounced back well in 2015 and Kendra has been by his side through all the ups and downs.

9 Tina Wiseman


8 Cody Horn

Cody Horn’s mother was an actress/model and her father was a Disney chairman and entertainment executive. With that kind of influence, Cody’s chances of seeing Hollywood success were pretty promising from the start. She enjoys a busy acting career while she tries to find a balance between her work and her romance with NBA star Kevin Love.

The fair-haired fox has dated the Cleveland forward since 2014. Both have hectic schedules but they seem to be adapting well. Cody has been piling up the acting credits recently as Kevin seeks championship glory.

7 Michelle Game


6 Elaine Alden


The luscious Elaine Alden is pregnant and she wants to share the entire experience with her 33,000 Instagram followers. The beautiful wife of NBA free agent Landry Fields has posted a lot of pictures of her newly acquired baby bump which pretty much clarifies the mystery of how Landry Fields spent the past year away from basketball. He might have missed the NBA season due to hip surgery but he certainly wasn’t out of action.

5 Amelia Vega


A lot of professional athletes have some fine-looking WAGs but Al Horford topped them all when he married Miss Universe. Amelia Vega won the title in 2003 as Horford was setting high school basketball records in Lansing, Michigan. The two began dating in 2008 and they tied the knot in December 2011. Amelia gave birth to their son Ean in 2015 and he has been a frequent fixture on her Instagram page.

4 Meghan Allen


What’s a woman to do when her clothes don’t fit right? Meghan Allen’s solution was to have breast enhancement surgery. Now that’s thinking outside the box! She may look familiar to fans of the television reality show Fear Factor or Mamma’s Boys. This exposure was largely responsible for her February 2005 appearance in Playboy’s Women of Fear Factor issue. Meghan was the January 2008 Cyber Playmate of the Month and she has acted in some of the company's videos.

3 Gabrielle Union

The gorgeous Gabrielle Union is a very talented and accomplished actress. She is also a veteran WAG who also dated Jason Kidd and was once married to NFL running back Chris “Bumblethumbs” Howard. She began dating Dwayne Wade in 2009 and they got hitched in 2014.

Gabrielle keeps it clean for her 6 million Instagram followers, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t worth checking out. It’s hard to believe that this red-hot WAG is 43 years old. Her youthful looks, glowing smile and general hotness make her seem years younger.

2 Ayesha Curry

Stephen Curry has been a force since he played his first NBA game in 2009. He led the Golden State Warriors to their first NBA title in 2015. Cheering him on from the sidelines was his beautiful and talented wife Ayesha. Stephen married the model/actress in 2011 and the couple has two children.

Ayesha isn’t just a tasty dish; she can also serve up a tasty dish. The 27-year-old is a great cook who offers her favorite family recipes in her cookbook called “The Seasoned Life”. Ayesha has a growing audience after appearing on several cooking shows where she shows off her culinary skills.

1 Masha Kirilenko


Andrei Kirilenko enjoyed a decent NBA career before recently retiring to become the head of the Russian Basketball Association. His lovely wife, Masha is a WAG extraordinaire. It’s not that Masha is so sexy that she makes this list. Nor is it that she is so well-educated in a variety of subjects. It’s not even because she is so active in children’s charities. Masha makes the list because she actually allows Andrei to “shoot hoops” with another woman once each year. That’s right. She once stated "Male athletes in this country are extremely attractive. They get chased by women. It's hard to resist. It's the way men are by nature."

It would appear that a lot of guys have even more reason to be jealous of Andrei.

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These 10 Beautiful NBA WAGs Are A Slam Dunk