The Most Popular NBA Team Owners

For most NBA teams, the players are the attention hogs, as it should be. They are the reason that so many people invest their time and money into going to games, after all. However, there is a ton goi

For most NBA teams, the players are the attention hogs, as it should be. They are the reason that so many people invest their time and money into going to games, after all. However, there is a ton going on behind the scenes as well that is noteworthy and significant. While there are many highlights covering the managers and other executives, the actual owners of the NBA teams are rarely seen in the spotlight. The fact is that the men (or women) at the top are usually rich, powerful and typically calling all the shots. The following list highlights the 10 most popular owners of NBA teams.

10 Denver Nuggets Owner Stan Kroenke

Stan Kroenke owns the Denver Nuggets NBA team, in addition to the Colorado Avalanche of the NHL, and the St. Louis Rams of the NFL. During the tenure of Kroenke the Nuggets have seen significant success. He has owned the team for 13 years and has been in postseason play for a total of 10 of those years. Additionally, the team has experienced superior organization stability that helped the team persevere even during the trade saga surrounding Carmelo Anthony.

9 Golden State Warrior’s Owners Peter Guber and Joe Lacob

Peter Guber and Joe Lacob's reign as owners started in a rough patch while they were booed by crowds during a Chris Mullin honorary ceremony. This failure was claimed to be much like the losing streak for the Bay Area fans. However, very suddenly, everything has seemed to turn around. The decisions of trading Monta Ellis for Andrew Bogut and to hire new coach Mark Jackson has redeemed these owners and has provided the team with a bright future.

8 San Antonio Spurs Owner Peter Holt

Peter Holt is only one of two owners of an NBA team that have a net worth that is less than nine figures. This is no problem due to the fact that most of the people in San Antonio are more than happy with picking up the check for him. Most have never heard of Holt, mainly due to the fact that he steps back and allows those knowledgeable in basketball to take the reins. In his 20 year ownership of the team, they have only missed postseason play one time.

7 Boston Celtics Owners Steve Pagliuca, H. Irving Grousbeck and Wycliffe Grousbeck

These three (Steve Pagliuca, H. Irving Grousebeck, Wycliffe Grousbeck) are more commonly known as Pags, Irv and Wyc and have seen the evolution that has occurred around one of the NBA’s most prominent franchises. After the era of Larry Brid, the Celtics floundered somewhat and missed the playoffs a total of seven different times in an eight year period, however have turned around significantly due to the new ownership.

6 Sacramento Kings Owner Vivek Ranadive

The ownership of Sacramento is spearheaded by Vivek Ranadive and now has been joined by Shaquille O’Neal. This move was established in order to keep the Kings from making the move to Seattle. With no success in a while, there has not been much of an opportunity for Ranadive to make a change as of yet.

5 Memphis Grizzlies Coach Robert Pera

Robert Pera is just another one of the newcomers to ownership of an NBA team, having only owned the Grizzlies for about a year. He is working to move the team in a forward direction and taking an innovative approach, which heavily leans on the use of advanced analytics and data. He has also hired John Hollinger, who is the former state head for ESPN to help and bring an approach that is more objective than previous methods.

4 Houston Rockets Owner Leslie Alexander

This is the other of the two owners that currently has a worth that is less than nine figures. During the first two seasons of Leslie Alexander’s ownership, the Rockets captured a title, however have not been able to reach these successes since. Coach Alexander also allowed a rebuilding to be completed by Daryl Morey in a scheme where the team found them in the realm of NBA purgatory and not able to qualify for the postseason or bottoming out and having the ability to pick a top ranked draft choice.

3 Miami Heat Owner Micky Arison

Micky Arison is the man that is the third richest owner of an NBA team, however you would never know with the attitude that he has. He is extremely laid back and also owns a cruise line. He takes his championship wins in stride and the team has won a total of three championships under his leadership, mainly due to the fact that he is linked to Pat Riley.

2 Brooklyn Nets Owner Mikhail Prokhorov

There are many fans that refer to this man as the Russian version of the super-popular Mark Cuban, however when you consider net worth, there is no question that Mikhail Prokhorov is at the top of the list. He has the largest amount of money in the bank by a substantial amount when it comes to owners of NBA teams and he is in no way afraid to show it. There are many NBA teams, with big bank rolls, including the Lakers, which have cut back on any spending due to the impending luxury penalties; however, the Brooklyn Nets, with Prokhorov at the helm are spending cash hand over fist.

1 Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban

There is no doubt that the most popular and well-known NBA team owner is Mark Cuban. He is present at every game, providing encouragement to his players and shouting at the refs. While he has incurred the most penalties and fines than any other NBA coach, ever, it has not deterred him from making his thoughts known publically. No matter, how you look at it, you cannot really argue with the success that he has had. At one point in time, the Mavericks were the joke of the entire league, but they have definitely made a comeback with the leadership and encouragement of outspoken Cuban. In 2011, they captured the actual title in the NBA which made Cuban the proud owner of the coveted NBA championship ring.

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The Most Popular NBA Team Owners