The 15 Hottest NBA WAGs of 2015

Basketball players are hot. They are tall, strong, and successful and are known to have a good time. On the outside, professional athletes look like they have it all; money, fame, and extremely beautiful women on their arms. Basketball players are tall athletic men who have both talent and wealth, so naturally beautiful women surround them all the time. The following 15 women aren’t like other groupies; they are the actual girlfriends and wives of the players. Not only are these ladies dating or married to phenomenal athletes, they are also all smoking hot.

Everyone knows however, that being hot is not the only thing that makes these players fall in love with them. The following ladies are confident, independent and sweet women who have stood by their men through everything. It's very hard dating a professional athlete, let alone being married to one, however the following ladies have been doing just that, with confidence to boot. Some of these gals have been with their man for a few months while others have known each other since college. Regardless of the amount of time they have been together, the following ladies have been strong enough to stay with their famous husbands.

Although many beautiful women have dated famous players, a lot of athlete relationships don’t last very long. The following women are all currently dating or married to players in the NBA. These are the 15 hottest NBA WAGs.

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15 Savannah Brinson (Lebron James)

Savannah Brinson married the love of her life LeBron James in 2013. The couple met in Ohio and have been together since high school. Brinson is a mother of 3 and looks better than most 22-year-olds! She found out she was pregnant in her senior year of high school, when James was just an NBA rookie. At prom she was five months pregnant and LeBron Jr. was born in 2004. They have since welcomed two more bundles of joy to their family. James popped the question in 2011 in front of his close friends and teammates. Although they haven’t been married for long, this couple has been together for much longer than some marriages.

14 Axelle Francine (Tony Parker)

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13 Gabrielle Union (Dwyane Wade)

12 Elaine Alden (Landry Fields)

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Elaine Alden is a model that lives in California has been dating Toronto Raptors player Landry Fields for a while now. She has found some success in front of the camera but nothing in comparison to the success she has found with her new fiancé. This blonde bombshell got engaged the day before Valentine's Day of 2013 and her ring is incredible. Actually incredible is an understatement; the big and clear diamond is almost as stunning as her. The model has appeared in both GQ and Sports Illustrated and her man has been playing better ever since she came into his life. This hot couple is going to have a lot of success in the future in both their relationship and their careers.

11 Amelia Vega (Al Horford)

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This beyond beautiful Dominican-born actress and model is much more than a pretty face. The beauty queen has been part of numerous charities and has donated a lot of her time to helping people. This beauty was the first Dominican woman to win Miss Universe in 2003 making her the youngest winner since 1994. In December of 2011 Vega and Al Horford exchanged I do’s after dating for over 2 years. The amazing and talented couple who keep falling more and more in love have added a new member to their family. In February of 2015, the couple welcomed son Ean Horford to the world. This beautiful mother is definitely what you can call a “yummy mummy.”

10 Meghan Allen (Devin Harris)

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Meghan Allen is married to Devin Harris who currently plays for the Dallas Mavericks. The couple made it official in 2013 and hasn’t looked back since. Meghan Allen first appeared on television in 2004 on the show Fear Factor with her then-boyfriend. However, that show is not what made her popular, she gained popularity in 2005 when she posed for Playboy with other women from the show. In January 2008 she was Playboy's “cyber girl” of the month. However, Allen is a woman with substance. She has hosted fundraisers for ovarian cancer and is said to be a sweet and kind girl.

9 Jada Crawley (Chris Paul)

Like many professional athletes, Chris Paul met his now wife Jada Crawley in 2003 while attending the same university. Crawley who is an intelligent and beautiful woman won him over immediately and the two have pretty much been inseparable ever since. In may of 2009 the couple welcomed their first child into the world, a son named Emmanuel Paul and their family has grown since then. In August of 2012, they welcomed another beautiful baby into their lives. Chris knows how amazing his wife is and has said on numerous occasions that she was with him when he was broke and has always loved him just the same. We love this NBA couple and Jada is definitely a beautiful woman!

8 Maliah Michel (James Harden)

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Lets just say James Harden isn’t the only man to have ever seen his sexy girlfriend Maliah Michel naked. The video vixen is also a very well known exotic dancer. However, Michel is not the stereotypical stripper. She is extremely intelligent and received a scholarship to Cal State. At the age of 18, she began stripping in order to earn money and has said she is very passionate about her career. She always loved dancing in a sexual manner and she has the confidence to not only dance naked but also to date a professional athlete. Harden is madly in love with the dancer and has no problem with her career choice.

7 Cody Horn (Kevin Love)

Some of you may recognize Cody Horn from her Ralph Lauren add, while others of you may recognize her from the film Magic Mike. Horn has found love with Love, literally. Her boyfriend Kevin Love who is also from California has fallen in love with this talented beauty. Her life growing up in Los Angeles was very influential on her. However, her biggest influence when it comes to film is her father Alan Horn, the chairman for Walt Disney Studios, which is probably one of the coolest things ever. Although she has an innocent girl-next-door look, this beauty is inked up! She got her first tattoo when she was 18 - pretty badass, Ms. Horn.

6 Vanessa Bryant (Kobe Bryant)

5 Hannah Stocking (Klay Thompson)

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If you have never heard of Stocking before, your Instagram game is weak. She has close to a million followers and is the model for many online stores. The fitness freak won over her followers by posting stunning photos of herself, letting strangers into her life. She and Klay Thompson have been dating for a little while now and the couple are said to be beyond in love. Stocking is a rising star and by this time next year I wouldn’t be surprised if she became a household name. Her perfect body and stunning face won over both her followers and Thompson and we understand why.

4 Iggy Azalea (Nick Young)

3 Kendra Shaw (Julius Randle)

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Kendra Shaw is simply adorable! Her and Julius Randle are a more recent couple, however they are said to be perfect for one another. Shaw was very proud to publicize her relationship with the athlete on her social media pages and we understand why. Her stud of a boyfriend is one of the best players in the NBA and there is no reason why she shouldn’t brag. Kendra is a Kentucky native and is the epitome of a southern belle. The petite beauty looks even smaller next to her giant basketball player boyfriend. This couple is adorable together and although their love is new, we really hope it lasts!

2 Amber Alvarez (DeAndre Jordan)

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Amber is from Texas and has been dating Jordan for a little while now. The deep and beautiful model and actress is an Instagram sensation and has men around the world envying DeAndre. This beauty won the heart of the ball player by being herself. Jordan is known as one of the funniest players in the NBA and he needs a girl who can keep up with his sense of humor. The sweet Alvarez is completely smitten with her hunky boo and we have no doubts they are seriously into each other. We hope this couple does not fizzle out as quick as it started!

1 Egle Acaite (Jonas Valanciunas)

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With a name like Egle, our number one WAG was bound to be a cool girl. The good old-fashioned girl originally from Lithuania is a stunning blonde beauty known for her love of shopping and awesome style. Raptors player Jonas Valanciunas and his knockout wife are happily married since 2014 and were together for a little less than a year before he popped the question. Egle is a powerful Lithuanian politician’s daughter, which explains her poise and class. As previously mentioned she is known for her amazing style and she has put her passion for shopping to good use. She has her own site where she tracks everything she buys and everything she wants! Egle is going to be a star and she is on the right track to doing so!

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