15 Little-Known LeBron James Facts You Don’t Want to Miss

Who is your favorite basketball player? We’re almost certain that someone is bound to say LeBron James, and that is going to make them very happy to see our list. There is no doubting that James has lived an interesting life. You're going to learn about his childhood and the struggles that he had to overcome. But also all about the hobbies and interests that he took to at an early age. In the process, you'll learn how James incorporated his upbringing and life experiences into his outstanding NBA career. Even though LeBron James is still hanging on after 13 seasons of playing professional basketball, there is no shortage of moments where he leaves everyone speechless. This kid was practically born to be an athlete, and it becomes obvious when you watch him play a game of basketball.

Yet you may be surprised to learn that basketball was not LeBron James’ first love. No, he was definitely interested in something else, but his path has led him to become a highly-rewarded, super-accomplished NBA player who has smashed records, made history, and astounded players, fans, and coaches all around the world. The story of LeBron James can be considered a classic rags to riches story, especially considering that he is now one of the highest-earning basketball players out there. We challenge you to find a fitness product that has not mentioned LeBron James or been endorsed by him. One quick look at his stats and you can see why he’s such a hot commodity.

15 He Didn’t Go To College


14 He Was the Youngest Rookie of the Year

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13 The Impact Of His Charity Work

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12 He Had a Rough Childhood


11 He Fell in Love With Football First


10 He Has Multiple MVP's


9 He’s Ambidextrous


8 His Branding And His Artistic Nature


7 He’s Besties with Jay-Z


6 He Was The First African-American On Vogue

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5 What He Does Off The Court

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4 He's The 3rd Highest Earning Sports Spokesperson

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3 He Speaks up About Controversy

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2 He Gets Pumped Up From The Godfather

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1 The Role Of Video Games In His Intelligence


LeBron James may not have attended college or university, but that does not mean that his brain is just a lump of rocks. In fact, the athlete is quite intelligent and he has a certain way of thinking that intrigues a lot of people. Back when James would play video games with his buddies, he would memorize the button combinations and joystick movements so that he could destroy his friends every time they played. This pathology-rooted mindset continued to carry James through his teen years and beyond, even into the NBA. His manner of thinking has helped him to work on strategic plays and maneuvers with his coaches and teammates, and that collaboration has made all the difference in games. Other players need to beware when James is watching because he will take note of their movements and tics and use them to develop strategies and plays that will blow them out of the water.

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15 Little-Known LeBron James Facts You Don’t Want to Miss