Top 10 Cheapest Seats in the MLB

Baseball has been known as an everyman's sport. With low ticket prices, baseball games have traditionally provided a nice and affordable outing for the whole family. But as is the case for virtually e

Baseball has been known as an everyman's sport. With low ticket prices, baseball games have traditionally provided a nice and affordable outing for the whole family. But as is the case for virtually every sport in North America, ticket prices have been on the rise in recent years. It's estimated that the average Boston Red Sox ticket went for around $54 during the 2013 season. The New York Yankees are not far behind at $51 per ticket.

These average prices are modest compared to the very top of the line seating that's available across the MLB. For instance, when the Yankees opened the new edition of Yankee Stadium in 2009, it cost $2,625 to get a front row seat near home plate. In addition, the cheapest field-level ticket that you could get at the time went for a cool $95.

The cost of getting into a baseball game can be incredibly high depending on where you go. However, there are still a few places that offer some amazing deals on quality seats. You may have to bring your binoculars to some of them, but you'll still be able to see the game and be part of the action with a birds-eye-view.

Some of these seats are so affordable because they aren't in high demand. However, some of them are cheap thanks to dynamic pricing, a solution that is being used in many MLB markets to adjust the prices for tickets based on the demand for the game in general. You might be amazed at how little you can pay for some of these seats.

These ticket values are valid as of the 2013 regular season. MLB teams have not released all of their available information on their 2014 ticket prices just yet, so be sure to check with individual teams for up to date information. Most teams tend to keep their same discounted deals year after year, so just about all these selections should be open for 2014.

10 Tampa Bay Rays - Upper Box - $10

Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida is the home of the Tampa Bay Rays. The Upper Box section of the field has a great view of the action from all angles. All Rays Upper Box seats are placed between the bases with a clear view of home plate and the pitcher’s mound, meaning every ticket provides a good seat. The first rows are a fantastic value given the cost and relatively close distance to the field despite the height of the upper deck. Mediocre attendance over the past decade has seen reduced ticket prices for Rays games and these seats are among the best values in the MLB, going for as low as $10. The price for these seats may be higher for games that involve AL East divisional opponents.

9 Arizona Diamondbacks - Outfield Reserve - $9 (mid-week)

Mid-week Arizona Diamondbacks games offer a number of cheap tickets in the Outfield Reserve section of Chase Field. The seats are located between the edge of the infield dirt and the outfield corners on the 300 level of the ballpark. These seats are idealistically angled around the entire center of the park to create a convenient view for all guests to enjoy. A ticket for a mid-week game in this part of the stadium will go for $9 and grants the holder access to all parts of the stadium including the lower concourses. While not offering the best view of the game by any stretch of the imagination, the Outfield Reserve seats are half as expensive as the next-cheapest seats in the Infield Reserve section.

8 Baltimore Orioles - LF Upper Reserve/Upper Level - $9 (Tuesdays for all seats, anytime for LF Upper Reserve)

The Baltimore Orioles have a promotional offer with Ollie's Bargain Outlet to offer discounted tickets for upper deck seats at Camden Yards on Tuesdays at only $9. Those who cannot make it out to Oriole Park on a Tuesday can still pay $9 for a Left Field Upper Reserve ticket any day of the week. These tickets are a relatively good bargain but even the normal prices are affordable; the most expensive upper deck seat costs $20. Due to poor attendance, naughty fans have been known to pay $9 for these tickets and move down to occupy empty lower-level seating.

7 Minnesota Twins - Skyline View - $8 (dynamic)

Sections 323 to 327 are the Skyline View seats at Minnesota's Target Field. The seats give great perspective of the field, the big scoreboard and the Minneapolis skyline. These tickets are included in the dynamic pricing schedule that the Twins have been using for billing individual games, and can be found on certain days for as low as $8. It's harder to get these tickets for this price during high-demand games, but early-birds can order them for $8 in advance. Although they provide probably the worst possible view of Target Field, they are easily accessible by elevators and have a regular circulation of vendors, making for an all together enjoyable experience for a bargain.

6 Chicago White Sox - Upper Corner - $7

The far ends of the upper deck at U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago's south side are the Upper Corner sections. These areas offer discounted values where a person can watch the game (from a great, great distance) for only $7 on most days, and as little as $5 for low-demand games. Be aware that this price is not valid for some games including ones against high-demand teams like the Detroit Tigers or Chicago Cubs. Also, people have no access to the 100 level of the park with this ticket due to crowding issues. Make sure to bring your binoculars, otherwise forget making out pitches or the names on players' jerseys.

5 Seattle Mariners - Bleachers - $7

The bleachers have become a popular place for those looking to attend MLB games at a discount, and the ones at Seattle's Safeco Field do not disappoint. Some of these tickets are available for $7 per person for every game during the season. This deal is particularly popular for those who want to get in during AL West divisional matchups. In addition, some seats in sections adjacent to the bleachers have values of around $14 to add to the bargains at this park.

4 Atlanta Braves - General Admission - $6 (mid-week)

Sections 417 to 435 at Turner Field are the General Admission seats. These offer a good view of the stadium from the right field area and are easily available for just $6 per ticket during the mid-week games. Buck Night offers bring ticket prices in this part of the stadium down to just $1, but this is rare and typically only available for low-demand games. Turner field was originally constructed for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia. It was later converted to a baseball-only facility and replaced the Braves' former ballpark, Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium.

3 Colorado Rockies - Rockpile seats - $4 (dynamic)

The Rockpile seats of Denver's Coors Field are located in Sections 401 to 403. These are past the centerfield wall and will give the viewer a clear view of everything that's going on around the entire stadium, including the leftfield scoreboard. Customers can get into all non-club sections of the stadium with these tickets as well. These seats go for only $4 every game, but are not offered in multi-game package. Besides granting a great view of the game, these signature seats also provide a spectacular view of the Rocky Mountains beyond Coors Field.

2 Oakland Athletics - Plaza Reserved - $2 (Wednesdays)

The Oakland Athletics have Plaza Reserved seats from sections 235 to 249 that are open for much of the stadium and include a surprisingly good view of the entire field. The $10 to $15 value of the tickets are good deals at Oakland Coliseum but it will cost only $2 to get a ticket out here for Wednesday night games. The Athletics have embraced dynamic pricing as a means of getting fans to come out to games in the middle of the week when sales are not as strong. These tickets are only sold on an individual game basis and remain a favourite spot for A's fans.

1 Milwaukee Brewers - Terrace Level - $1 (game day)

Sections 404-411 and 432-442 are Terrace Level seats at Milwaukee's MillerPark. The seats are idealistically angled to make it easy for people to watch games with minimal head-tilting. People can find tickets for just $1 on game day so it's easy to spend just one buck on one of these so-called "Uecker Seats." However, people should be careful around sections 439 and 440 as the left foul pole can find itself right in the line of sight for some of these seats. The first few rows however provide an unobstructed view, making for arguably the best cheap-seat experience in baseball.

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Top 10 Cheapest Seats in the MLB