10 Most Expensive Seats in Major League Baseball

Many people have expressed concerns about how expensive baseball tickets have become. What was once an affordable experience for the whole family has become one for those with deeper pockets. Major Le

Many people have expressed concerns about how expensive baseball tickets have become. What was once an affordable experience for the whole family has become one for those with deeper pockets. Major League Baseball teams can still attract tens of thousands of people to each game and can make a substantial profit off of their ticket sales. While the average baseball ticket is still nowhere hear what it costs to watch an NFL or NBA game, prices are on the rise. With no salary cap in the MLB, teams can spend as much money as they want on players to assemble the most competitive team possible. High ticket prices are one way to offset this cost.

Some teams also need to cover the expenses for the building of their parks. These include places like Minneapolis' Target Field, a $522 million stadium that was completed in 2010. Of course, the cost of tickets for baseball games can vary based on where you go. Prices also depend on whether you buy from a team or go to the secondary market.

The values of tickets can also vary depending on when you go and which teams are playing. For instance, in the early part of the 2012 season, average ticket prices for a Cleveland Indians game with the Chicago White Sox was only $8.55. Meanwhile, a Boston Red Sox game with the New York Yankees a few weeks later had tickets on sale for an average of $222.58. This shows that you don't have to wait for the playoffs to find really expensive tickets.

Of course, sometimes the secondary market has tickets that are far more expensive than what's on the official websites for certain teams. Still, it's clear that many MLB teams are going to charge much more than others.

This list compiles the most expensive tickets for MLB teams. These are all for regular season games and use 2013 prices from the official websites for these teams. These include tickets for very specific sections of different stadiums all around the league. Some of these ticket prices will also vary based on the dynamic pricing methods that are used. This is where tickets can be more expensive for very specific games during the season. If you want to get to any of these dream seats for any team around the majors, then you may as well start saving up your money.

10 St. Louis Cardinals - UMB Champions Club - $180 (variable)

It can cost close to $180 per game for UMB Champions Club seats at a St. Louis Cardinals game at Busch Stadium. This offers a three-hour buffet, two bars, a full lounge, and a reserved outdoor seat. The $180 per game value at the club is listed as being variable because the Cardinals use a dynamic pricing method for selling tickets on a per-game basis. This means that the value of a ticket can vary based on who's in town. You could pay $250 for a UMB Club ticket if you want to see the Cards play the Chicago Cubs, for instance. Full season tickets for the club go for around $9,500.

9 Washington Nationals - Presidents Club - $200

The Presidents Club at Nationals Park in Washington is a section that is located near home plate. The seats feature a large bar and club on the inside. The Oval Office Bar at the club has a view of the Nationals' batting cages and press conference room, while cherry wood walls around the bar and dining space really create a sense of luxury. This is a place that is available for high-rollers at Nats games and can handle 250 people in seats or 350 people in a standing area. Tickets for this area tend to sell out quickly, despite the lofty price tag.

8 Philadelphia Phillies - Diamond Club - $200

The Diamond Club at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia includes seven sections located near home plate with tickets costing $200 per person. People who come here will get access to a special lounge that is open exclusively to club ticket holders as well as two full bars. A private concession stand and a waiting service are also available in the club area to complete the experience. The tickets are often sold on the secondary market with prices reaching up to $500 on some days. During slow periods, ticket prices can come down to a more reasonable $100.

7 Toronto Blue Jays - In the Action Seats - $210 CAN ($200 US)

The Toronto Blue Jays have a series of field-level seats near home plate at the Rogers Centre called "In the Action" seats. These seats are around a large service area where you can get free food and drinks for a good portion of the game. Servers come directly to your seat so you don't have to miss a moment of the action (hence the name). If you don't have $210 CAN to spare, you could always pay $11 CAN for a 500 level seat, but you'd be at least three hundred feet away from the "action" that is Blue Jays baseball.

6 New York Mets - Metropolitan Box - $245

In 2012, the New York Mets charged $160 for Metropolitan Box seats. These tickets have gone up to $245 each as of the 2013 season, making them the most expensive tickets you can get at the ballpark during the regular season. The Metropolitan Box seats are located on the lower level of the stadium and include seats that are right near the dugouts for both teams. The seats behind home plate are typically off-limits to people who are not going to spend money on group packages. Also, those seats are often reserved for many sponsors who pay large amounts of money to support the Mets and to market themselves.

5 Seattle Mariners - KeyBank Diamond Club - $250 (average, variable)

The Seattle Mariners have also begun to use dynamic pricing for their single game tickets. It can cost $250 on average to see a game from the Key Bank Diamond Club at Safeco Field on most days, but it can also cost as little as $200 on average if there is not much of a demand for tickets. The ticket price can also fluctuate depending on which of the eight rows you're sitting in. If you sit in the front row then you will have to spend at least $350 for a ticket. Meanwhile, you can pay around $160 if you go to the eighth and final row at the club.

4 Chicago White Sox - Magellan Scout Seats - $265

The Magellan Scout Seats at U.S. Cellular Field are located behind home plate and take up eleven rows of seats. This space at the ballpark includes a full buffet, VIP parking, a private lounge and an open bar. Most of the tickets for sale here are reserved for people who have contracts with the White Sox, but many of them can be found on the secondary markets, although it might be considerably more expensive depending on who the Sox are playing that day. The prices can be very high when the Chicago Cubs or Minnesota Twins come to town.

3 Boston Red Sox - Dugout Box Infield - $328

The Dugout Box Infield section of Fenway Park is the most expensive place you can go see a Boston Red Sox game. The area costs $328 per ticket and covers sections D29 to D61, including the first five rows of seats in these sections. These sections are located directly between the spaces where the two player dugouts start. Tickets for this part of the ballpark were closer to $800 each at face value during the 2013 World Series and some of these tickets were going at the five-digit range in the secondary market just hours before the games started.

2 Chicago Cubs - Dugout Box A, Marquee Games - $362

Dugout Box A is right behind home plate at Wrigley Field and covers the first three rows on Aisles 16 to 26. If you pay $362 for one ticket, then you will get access to a seat that is located right around the brick border near the field. This provides you with an amazing view of one of the most historic ballparks in the United States. This price is good for when you go to a Marquee game against high-demand teams like the St. Louis Cardinals or Chicago White Sox. The cheapest price that you can get for a seat at this area is $131 and that's for low-demand games.

1 New York Yankees - Premium Seating - $1,200

The Premium Seating section of the new Yankee Stadium used to cost $2,500 per seat but the ticket prices were dramatically cut in value after the team noticed that many of these high-end seats near the home plate were not selling. These $1,200 seat are located at the first few rows near the infield. This area also entitles people to a private concession area with a number of high-end products for sale including some luxury champagne for those who can afford it. This part of the ballpark alone cost $1.6 million to build.


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