Athletes and Their Extravagant Homes

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9 Ryan Howard

Ryan Howard just got a five year $125 million contract extension and with all that money, he can certainly afford a multi-million mansion that could give other sports superstars a run for their money.

What are Howard’s plans for his new digs? A 17,500 square foot beachfront mansion in Belle Air Shore, Florida with obscenely awesome amenities.

His mansion will include a bowling alley and a Venetian canal running from the swimming pool and under bridge ways. The budget for the property is estimated to be as high as $23 million.

However, something that elaborate will expectedly run into some setbacks, even for a millionaire professional athlete. Howard is currently having ordinance problems with the construction of his dream home.

As it turns out, local ordinances require residential constructions to be completed within 24 months from the beginning of the construction and with the size and amenities of Howard’s home, modest estimates pin the construction period to last at least three years.

Will the details get worked out and Howard’s home be completed? That remains to be seen. For now though, let’s look at other plush mansions of professional athletes.

8 Lebron James

James had a pretty nice mansion in Ohio, but when he chose to move to South Beach, everybody knew that his new home will be just as extravagant.

James purchased a 12,178 square foot property in Coconut Grove, Florida in December 2010 for $9 million that boasts of six bedrooms and eight and half bathrooms in three stories.

Every room has premium views of the Biscayne Bay. The property also has a wine cellar, lush tropical gardens, a wood-paneled library and direct ocean access with big enough docks for two 60-foot yachts.

You will also see fossil-encrusted marble countertops in the kitchen and white onyx baths and mahogany cabinets throughout the property. And of course, the mansion will not be complete with state-of-the-art audio, video, lighting and security technology. A modern-day castle for the king of South Beach.

7 Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

Money May” boasts of his millions on top of his zero losses record in the ring and it’s no surprise that his accomplishments and distinct preferences will be the main features of his Las Vegas mansion.

Mayweather may have intended for his 22,000 square foot property to be a normal home, as far as normal mansions go. However, according to Tanasha Pettigrew, his real estate agent and decorator, Pretty Boy Floyd is naturally drawn to the most expensive options and there is nothing normal about that.

His mansion features 24-foot ceilings with three elaborate, Swarovski crystal chandeliers in the main areas. You’ll also find red silk with textured glass on the walls and an extensive movie theater that’s two-stories tall. The piece-de-resistance is his 600 square foot walk-in closet, no doubt filled with equally expensive designer clothing.

Only a handful people know the exact location of his $9 million home. In fact, there are even some of his relatives who don’t know where it is. After having $7 million worth of jewelry stolen in his former property in 2008, maybe Money May won’t be taking any chances with his new home.

6 Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Dirty Mo” is Earnhardt’s 4,000 square foot renovated farmhouse surrounded by 140 acres of wilderness outside of Mooresville, North Carolina. It may not seem extravagant from the outside but what’s within it will blow you away.

The compound features livestock, a six-bay garage with a workshop for Earnhardt and his team. It also boasts of a six-hole par three golf course and a vintage gas station with 18 go-carts.

The clincher? Earnhardt has an entire town in his compound. He replicated a Wild West town named Whiskey River, complete with a sheriff’s office with two jail cells, a hotel, a church and the most important part of the town, the saloon stocked with liquor and beer.

5 Adrian Beltre

Beltre put up his 16,600 square foot home on a 4.16 acres property in Bradbury, California for sale for $19.8 million in 2010. This Mediterranean-style home has seven bedrooms and a whopping 13.5 baths.

The mansion also boasts of entryways with 35-foot ceilings with custom paintings, marble floors, batting cages, a golf green, an infinity pool and tennis and basketball courts. If you don’t want your guests to stay under the same roof as you, they can rest their loins in a separate 2,500 square foot guesthouse.

Since $19.8 million is pretty hard to come by during these turbulent economic times, Beltre has offered a discount of $300,000 for the selling price.

4 Michael Jordan

You didn’t expect His Royal Airness to sleep in a duplex did you? Of course not. Jordan’s 28,000 square foot property in The Bears Club in Jupiter, Florida is notoriously opulent that environmental groups have begun complaining about his home.

There are only 55 lots at The Bears Club and Jordan bought two lots to fit his modern-day castle. The lots itself already set Jordan back $4.8 million, not counting the construction of the structure which cost an extra $7.5 million.

This extravagant home has 11 rooms, a full indoor basketball court and a gym, a guesthouse, a pool house and of course, a two-story guardhouse to keep those championship rings safe.

3 Venus and Serena Williams

Sharing a home with your sister may not sound appealing but if you live in an 11,000 square foot property in Palm Beach, Florida, I doubt neither of you will mind.

The Williams sisters have their own wings in the property that has four bedrooms, five bathrooms and two powder rooms. They just recently added a tennis center that is 4,000 square foot in size so they won’t have to leave home to train for tournaments.

2 Tiger Woods

Michael Jordan lives in the same city as another rich professional athlete that goes by the name of Tiger Woods.

After his highly publicized divorce, Woods moved to Jupiter Island, Florida into a whopping $55 million property on a 12 acre land. His mansion is 9,729 square foot and just outside, he has a 3.5-acre training facility with four tournament-level holes, a putting green and a video center where he can study tapes of his powerful swing. He can even hit shots out of his second-story balcony.

On top of that, he has a tennis court, a fully equipped gym, a decompression room, a diving and lap pools, two-boat docks, a wine cellar, an elevator, a media room and an extravagant his-and-hers master bathrooms. On the dock, you will see the “Privacy” yacht that he purchased for a cool $10 million.

1 Alex Rodriguez

Not much is known of the interior of Rodriguez’ $24 million 9,447 square foot mansion in Palm Beach, Florida and you can only imagine the opulence within its eight bedrooms and six and a half baths.

From aerial photographs, you will see that the floor-to-ceiling windows, custom pool and boat docks of the 1.07 acres waterfront property.

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