$8637 Per Hole So Far For Tiger Woods

The news that Tiger Woods made $8637 per hole so far this year is quite astounding. This is a guy that is hardly short of money, but thanks to the season he has had, where he has won five events from the 14 he has entered at this point, he has managed to amass an amazing $8.2 million in prize money alone.

This prize money is largely due to some impressive wins at the likes of the WGC Cadillac where he won $1.5 million, Farmers Insurance for $1.1 million, Arnold Palmer for $1.1 million, and the Players Championship at $1.7 million. At this point he only has four tournaments left, but winning an average of one in three tournaments it does mean he may win another title pushing him through the $9 million barrier. All of this cash shows how good his year has been and in order to really stress the point you just have to look at how much money his nearest competitors have made. What this shows is that Matt Kucher is second with $5.4 million, but he has played 21 tournaments compared to the 14 of Woods. If we try to compare him with a golfer that has played the same number of tournaments, then we need to look at Adam Scott, but he has only won $4.6 million and this highlights how consistent Woods has been.

Perhaps the scary part is that he has had a few absolute stinkers of tournaments as well such as the Memorial Tournament where he won under $13,000, so he could have easily broken the $10 million barrier this year. Woods himself feels he has not played his best golf, so good luck to the others if there is room for improvement. Tiger Woods makes all of that cash per hole and yes we all wish we were that fortunate. The fact that he has won over $100 million in prize money alone means this year is not a fluke, so expect the same next year as well from this golfing superstar.

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$8637 Per Hole So Far For Tiger Woods