6 Outrageously Expensive Gifts for Sports Fans

Sorts fans are crazy about their teams. Some paint their faces to show their loyalty, others go to games to cheer their teams on, and others are human advertisements, wearing their sports apparel wherever they go. It’s no secret that fans like to spoil themselves when buying memorabilia, tickets or anything even remotely related to their favourite teams. With NFL jerseys averaging around $85 and the NBA averaging close to $75 a jersey, money doesn’t seem to be an obstacle for fans if it regards their favourite teams.

The most expensive piece of sports memorabilia ever sold was a 1920’s era Babe Ruth New York Yankees jersey worn by Ruth himself. Considered to be one of the greatest baseball players of all time, Ruth hit 714 home runs, and was a two-time all star and a twelve-time home run champion during his illustrious career. He won 7 World Series’, 3 with the Red Sox and 4 with the Yankees, and was voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame only a year after he had retired in 1935. Since the man was such a sports icon, any memorabilia bearing Ruth’s name would be worth a lot of money, and there would be no shortage of fans or collectors willing to drop the cash necessary to get their hands on it.

With Christmas just around the corner fans will have their eyes set on whatever sports-related memorabilia they can think of, and while collecting tokens from their favourite sports team or player is fine, there are some more creative (and expensive) gift ideas out there if you look hard enough.

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6 NASCAR Racing Experience - $2035

Imagine what it would feel like to drive in a NASCAR race car going over 150 mph, on a real-life race track. NASCAR has been one of America's most popular sports since its conception back in 1948. It’s second to the NFL in TV ratings in the USA, but also has races broadcast in over 150 countries. The sport attracts thousands of fans, all of them interested in one thing: speed. NASCAR is such a popular sport, it’s only natural that fans would want to take the excitement feel watching the races and experience it first hand (multiplying it several hundred times in the process).  For fans of sports like football or basketball, the closest thing to an authentic experience would be playing with friends or in an organised league.  With a NASCAR racing experience, fans get to experience all the excitement of driving a real certified NASCAR race car with no instructor and no lead car. Of course, this costs a small fee of just over $2000.

5 Authentic Stadium Seats - up to $7,500

A pair of stadium seats would fit perfectly into any fan's man cave - or anywhere else in their house. Seats usually go up for sale after a stadium has either been taken down or rebuilt, so there’s a lot of history to be found if you’re able to get your hands on one of them. Prices do vary from seat to seat, depending on where it’s from and what historical value it has. For example, a seat from Houston’s Reliant Stadium which has only been around for a little over ten years won’t cost as much as a seat from the old Polo Grounds, which was home to four MLB and four NFL\AFL franchises from 1890 to 1963.  However, each seat is unique in its own way, so owning one of theses is like owning a cool piece of sports history.

4 Indoor Golf Simulator - $27,000

Simulators have been around since the 70’s and offer a realistic alternative to outdoor golfing. Since golf is more of a summer sport, playing becomes impossible once winter rolls over, and is not particularly fun when the weather is bad. Golf simulators offer a similar experience to outdoor golf, but unlike outdoor golf where the weather is a factor, indoor golf can be played at anytime. Simulators allow players to completely immerse themselves in a realistic golfing experience, offering realistic landscapes and many different weather conditions to play in. For the most part, using a simulator isn’t very different from the real thing. The golf ball is put on a tee and the player chooses their club just as they would in traditional outdoor gold. The simulator then analyses the velocity of the shot and brings all of that information onto the screen, recreating a real-life golfing experience. Get one installed in your home today for only $27,000.

3 Ty Cobb and Joe Sewell Game Used Signed Bat - $167,000

TY Cobb set 90 records during his 24-year career as an outfielder in the MLB. He spent 22 years of his career as a Detroit Tiger, setting the record for highest batting average, and most career batting titles. Cobb won the MVP award in 1911, and belongs to the MLB’s 3,000 hit club.  He was a first-ballot hall-of-famer, finishing with 222/226 votes in 1936. Joe Sewell was an infielder who played the majority of his 14-year career with the Cleveland Indians. He holds the record for lowest strikeout rate in the MLB, striking out once every 63 bats on average. He set a single-season record in 1932 with 167.7 at-bats per strikeout, which still stands as a MLB record today. Sewell was voted into the MLB hall of fame by the Veteran’s Committee in 1977, over 40 years after he retired. The bat itself is an H&B Louisville Slugger from the 1920’s. Needless to say this is a historic piece of baseball memorabilia. Pick one of these bad boys up for your loved this holiday season for $167,000.

2 Super Bowl 48 Indoor Suite Tickets - $500,000

Super Bowl 48 will be the first cold-weather Super Bowl played since its conception back in 1967. No doubt the snow and freezing air in MetLife stadium will have an interesting impact on the game come this February, so scoring one of these nice, warm indoor suites wouldn’t be such a bad idea from a fan's perspective.  Because New York is such a huge market, ticket prices have increased greatly compared to last years tickets for Super Bowl 47 in New Orleans.  VIP tickets are selling for $2,600 which is double what they cost in New Orleans last year. The next level of tickets are priced at $1,500, which is an increase from the $950 tickets from New Orleans last year. However the “cheap seats”, priced at $600 in New Orleans have gone down to $500 in New York, so maybe that cold weather does pay off a little bit. When it’s all said and done, around 39% of the 77,500 seats available will be under $1000, which means more than half the seats in the stadium are going to cost fans well over $1000.

1 Your Own Personal Stadium - $30 Million

Does your loved one already have all of the previous items? Then spring for something really nice: their own personal stadium! It's every kid's (and many adults') dream to have a personal stadium they can call their own, and if by chance they grow to be millionaires or billionaires (lottery tickets, anyone?) who's to say they can't make their dreams a reality? Kansas City-based company Populous would provide the service at a starting price of $30 million, while all you have to do is supply them with the land. The field would contain a 40-50 yard playing field with 12-20 foot LED screens surrounding it. The stadium would have a capacity of around 100 people and would come fully equipped with scoreboards and a PA system.  The field can switch from football, to baseball, to soccer, using fiber-optic lighting in the Field Turf, and would be surrounded by video boards that facilitate changes from one sport to another. While no one has actually commissioned their own field as of yet, it's completely doable.

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