$6.4 Million for Olympic Torches that can not Stay Lit

Although the Olympic flame is making its way to the winter games in Russia on torches that cost a reported $6.4 million, reports have indicated that the torches are not staying lit. In fact, the flame has gone out on more than one occasion, and in more than one spot as it has made its way through Europe, on its way to the final site in Russia where the games are to be held.

Reports also stated that only two days ago, as the torch was making its way through the different countries, it had to be re-lit, with a cigarette lighter, to ignite the flame. Having arrived in Moscow, with much anticipation, the torch even received its own seat on the plane ride over. Even with the hefty price tag that was spent to create the torches, it has proven to be more of a disappointment as it reaches various sites, having to be re-ignited.

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$6.4 Million for Olympic Torches that can not Stay Lit