16 Female Athletes With Shocking Net Worths

The harsh reality is that even in 2016, most females are paid less than males are for doing the same jobs. While a handful of female professional athletes get paid millions of dollars a year, most of their salaries pale in comparison to their male counterparts. It is difficult to compare women’s sports salaries to men’s simply for the fact that there are no women’s professional football or baseball leagues that are taken seriously.

With that being said, the net worths of the female athletes on this list will surprise you for a variety of reasons. Who would think that the face of the WNBA would not even be worth $1 million, or that Olympic athletes who competed years ago would be worth far more than those that are popular today? Without further ado here is the list of 16 Female Athletes with Shocking Net Worths.

16 Naomi

Net Worth: $50 thousand

15 Marion Jones


Net Worth: $500 thousand

14 Diana Taurasi


Net Worth: $500 thousand

13 Nikki Bella


Net Worth: $1.5 million

12 Ronda Rousey


Net Worth: $2 million

11 Dorothy Hamill

Net Worth: $5 million

10 Alicia Sacramone


Net Worth: $8 million

9 Gabrielle Reece

Net Worth: $10 million

8 Paula Creamer


Net Worth: $11 million

7 Agnieszka Radwanska

Net Worth: $14.7 million

6 Li Na

Net Worth: $15 million

5 Danica Patrick

Net Worth: $18 million

4 Kim Yu-Na


Net Worth: $21 million

3 Anna Kournikova

Net Worth: $50 million

2 Serena Williams


Net Worth: $145 million

1 Maria Sharapova


Net Worth: $195 million

Maria Sharapova has the highest net worth of any female athlete and helps go to show that tennis is the sport that women should play if they want to make lots of money. Sharapova has earned her money through a combination of tennis earnings, modeling, and endorsement deals. In 2015 she brought in $29.7 million, of which $23 million came from sponsors and endorsements alone. Maria also earned a respectable $6.7 million from tennis in 2015. She has been paid by companies like Nike and even sold a ballet flat through Cole Haan. Maria Sharapova is not a newcomer to this list; she has been the highest paid female athlete in the world for more than 10 years.


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16 Female Athletes With Shocking Net Worths