The 15 Bustiest Female Athletes That'll Make You Watch Women's Sports

We get it. You watch sports for the competition. Female sports are just so much fun to watch. You don't care what these women look like at all, you just like watching to see incredible athletes go at each other.

There, now that we've got that out of the way, we can get to the point.  Some of these ladies competing in sports today are rather hot, and surprisingly, a lot of them are stacked. You think women with big breasts can't run?  That they are clumsy and not athletic?  Well these 15 incredibly busty athletes beg to differ with you on that one.  This list includes wrestlers, tennis players, golfers, gymnasts and snowboarders- you name it, it's there.  In fact, there isn't a lot of things these women have in common, other than the fact that they have really big busts.

Which is a good thing right?  Both for you and for them, because a lot of these women are competing to be the best they can, and these voluptuous babes make us want to watch female sports.  They make us want to watch female sports a lot.

So what are you waiting for? Check out TheRichest's List of 15 Bustiest Female Athletes That Make You Watch Women's Sports.

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15 Tamira Paszek

via dailymail.co.uk

Tamira is a a tennis player from Austria who has had quite a bit of success.  She has won 3 WTA singles titles over her career and is currently ranked 26th in the world.  She also has other attributes as evidenced by a Facebook fan page called Tamira Paszek's Boobs Appreciation Page. Need we say more?

14 Alicia Sacramone

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When one thinks of gymnasts one does not think of big breasts.  Alicia Sacramone is now known as Alicia Quinn, as she is married to former NFL Quarterback Brady Quinn.  She started competing at age 8 and won a silver medal in the 2008 Olympics.  She also deserves a place on this list, for obvious reasons.

13 Mackenzie Dern

via cagepotato.com

Mackenzie competes as a Mixed Martial Arts grappler and is ranked as the number one female in the world in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  She has won a championship at every belt all the way up to black belt. While all that is just great, the reason Mackenzie makes this list is because of her ridiculously large bust. I mean really?

12 Latasha Marzolla

via coolmmaphotos.com

Well, if there is one thing that would either turn a guy on completely, or scare the heck out of him it would be a Playboy model who is also a mixed martial arts fighter.  Is there such a thing, though?  Well, yes, yes there is.  Latasha Marzolla is a kickboxer, MMA fighter and also a former Playboy model. If you look at her picture it will probably be pretty clear to you why she made this list.  In fact, it won't be hard to figure out at all.

11 Gina Carano

via dailymail.co.uk

Gina Carano is gorgeous as well as tough.  In addition to being an actress and a model she was huge in MMA for a long time.  Know what else is huge? Her breasts.  Just ask Ronda Rousey who said  "Gina Carano was an amazing fighter, and she had a fantastic rack.  You don’t see big titties in the Olympics and I think that’s for a reason."  Ronda isn't exactly lacking in this department herself either.

10 1o.  Ashley Massero

via images2.fanpop.com

Ashley is well known as a wrestler and also gets a little bit of love from folks who remember her from her appearance on Survivor.  She has also appeared in Playboy.  Big surprise, right?  We know, we know, they aren't real.  But purely for the sake of the "Oh my God those things are huge" factor she has to be on this list.

9 Allison Stokke

via usercontent1.hubimg.com

Allison Stokke makes it almost hurt to be a man.  She is gorgeous, has an incredibly athletic body, and still has a bust that just won't quit. She is a pole vaulter from Cal State- Fullerton and is trying to make the 2016 Olympic team. Please, please, please let that happen.  It would make the Summer Olympics so much more fun.

8 Sania Mirza

via instamedia.com

Sania is a tennis player from India who is one of the best doubles players in the world.  She has been very successful over her career and is one of the most famous, and wealthiest, athletes in India.  While she is extremely well known in her home land, and has made her countrymen proud, in this list she is known for two other things and they are enormous.

7 Claire Bidez

via clairbidez.trovi.com

Claire is a snowboarder who came close to making the Olympic team in 2010 but didn't quite get it done. While a lot of the ladies on this list might be a tad embarrassed to have some of the nicest busts in sports, Claire isn't one of them.  A quick internet search will find dozens of photos of her romping around the snow, wearing some variation of a bikini, and for this we are all very thankful.

6 Bianca Cruz

via img3.rnkr-static.com

Poor Bianca.  Most of the women on this list really did well athletically.  I mean even almost making the Olympic team is something to be proud of, right?  But Bianca?  Well she played softball at Arizona state where she only hit .213- she wasn't even all that good. But you know what?  She is still a star in our book because she not only has perfect boobs, she is also an absolute smoke-show. We will come see you play softball anytime, Bianca.

5 Torrie Wilson 

via vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net

Torrie is the second wrestler to make this list. Torrie has been a model, an actress, and a fitness competitor.  She even won Miss Galaxy.  The reason she is on this list though is that she was a pretty successful wrestler who also had a great set on her. Torrie was always fun to watch because of her looks, and that is the whole point of what we are doing here, so she makes the list at number five.

4 Vojislava Lukic

via photos1.blogger.com

While Vojislava is not one of the best tennis players in the world there are always a couple reasons to watch her compete.  Her body, and her bust, are ridiculous.  We aren't the only people that noticed, apparently, as she has appeared in magazines like FHM.  While she is ranked only number 433 in the world in singles, she, and her bust, are ranked 4th on our list.

3 Anna Semenovich

via http://world.korupciya.com/

Anna is almost too much.  First of all she is a former ice dancer from Russia.  She wasn't that great- the highlight of her career was finishing 15th at the world championships in 1998.  But the thing is, if you look like Anna, and have the breasts that she does, ice dancing probably really isn't the best way to get your name out there. She is now an actress, model, and singer and is huge in Russia, as well as under her sweater.

2 Natalie Gulbis

via 4.bp.blogspot.com

Natalie is another one on this list that not only is not ashamed of the size of her bust but capitalizes on it as well.  While she has been a very successful golfer and has won millions she also trades in on her looks and has released a swimsuit calendar in the past. Don't get me wrong.  I am not complaining.

1 Simona Halep

via www.cosmeticsurgerytruth.com

This one is sort of a tale of two Simonas.  Or four depending on what we're talking about. Simona is a Romanian tennis player who has been quite successful and ranked in the top ten. While she still is not lacking at all upstairs, sadly, a few years ago, she had a breast reduction, which meant two things.  She was in a lot less pain, and she was a lot less fun to watch.  There are still pictures out there of how she used to look though and for now that will have to be enough.

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