15 Animal Invasions Seen On The Soccer Field

Seeing a field invaded by animals is a usual sight if you're strolling through the countryside. However, having animals invade a play on the soccer field is not something you see every day. In England, streakers, naked men or women, invading sports fields, has been popular for a long time now. Happy fans celebrating a goal or the championship of their beloved teams is a lot more popular than seeing an animal appear on the field to celebrate.

Having animals interrupt a play is not a common affair, but that doesn't mean it never happens. It has actually occurred multiple times with a variety of different animals from dogs to roosters. The following article covers scenarios of animals that had invaded a soccer field. All the occurrences are pretty funny and enjoyable to watch, however, not all of them have a happy ending.

15 Two Playful Golden Retrievers

During the Turkish Super League game of Galatasaray against Aalen in Istanbul, two golden retrievers dogs found their way onto the field, stopping the game for a short period of time. We can see in the video that the dogs seem happy and are enjoying their 15 seconds of fame. Some players even pet the dogs, seemingly enjoying the company of these cuddly canines.

14 A Police Dog Soccer Player

In Brazil, during one of the games of Ituiutaba against Uberlandia, a police dog entered the field to play with the ball. On the side of the field, the dog saw the game happening and wanted to participate. He then entered the field, snatching the ball away from the players and playing with it for a while.

13 A Colony Of Bees Passing Through The Field

Again in Brazil, a colony of bees forced the game to stop while they were passing through the field. It is not unusual in the tropical areas to have big amounts of insects travelling together. In the video, we see that all players are on the ground in order to avoid being stung and spectators even race under the big flag in order to protect themselves.

12 An Attacking Bird

Again in Brazil, during a game between Navegantes and Inter de Lages, a side referee was attacked by a bird that did not like man in the yellow shirt going to close to its nest. The man was attacked multiple times before the central referee stopped the game.... to answer the phone! (In all fairness he was asking what to do about the situation.)

11 A Scathing Stone Marten

In Switzerland, during a game between Thoune FC and Zurich FC, a stone marten entered the field multiple times. The first player who jumped to catch the animal was bitten which made the capteur release the animal. The goalkeeper was bitten too, but thanks to his gloves, he was more successful at catching the angry animal.

10 A Thrown Dog

In Argentina, during a game between San Juan and Bella Vista, a dog entered the field. A player from the Bella Vista team, part of the losing team at this point who was unhappy about the interruption, caught the dog by the neck and tried to throw it over the fence. The player received a red card for his action. Not to worry though, the dog is fine!

9 A Dog Poops On The Field

Once again in Argentina, a dog entered the field during a game between River Plate and Rosario Central. He interrupted the game and was enjoying the attention until he walked over and pooped in the goalkeepers box. He then walks as if nothing happened. They try to usher the dog off the field, however he avoids all the advances playing a game of cat and mouse. The dog is eventually caught and carried off the field.

8 An Injured Owl

In Colombia, during a game between Atletico National and Deportivo Pereira, a player kicks an owl that was on the ground. At first, the owl was hit by the ball, then lying on the ground, a player kicks it to push it off the field. The owl was the emblem of the youngster team of the Atletico. The kick did not kill the owl instantly, but it died at the veterinary clinic later in the day. On Youtube, the video is called the kick of shame.

7 The Elusive Dog

In Colombia, during a game between the Colombian team of Independiente of Santa Fe and the Brazilian team of Botafogo, a dog entered the field. The playful dog started running around and the players could not catch it. He ran around for a couple of minutes without being caught before leaving the field by himself.

6 A Llama As The Guest Of Honor

In Bordeaux, France, a llama became very popular because it was seen walking around the city at night. Some people even documented the sighting by video. In this story, the llama did not really stop the game, but he was an honorary guest of the League 1 team. The llama did a lap of honor on the field with the president of the club before kick off. The llama was not a lucky charm for the home team though because they were defeated 3-0 against Nantes.

5 A Cuddling Cat

In England, at the famous Liverpool stadium, a lost cat entered the field and went toward the goalkeeper of the visiting team, Tottenham. This cat became a celebrity, having over 57,000 followers on Twitter, known as “the cat of Anfield”. It is not the first time a cat has entered Anfield with another occurrence happening back in 1964.

4 A Bird Stops On The Field

In England, at Newcastle, during a game of the premier league between Newcastle and Reading, a bird decided to stop and take a rest in the middle of the field. It appeared like the bird had troubles flying as it attempted to fly off of the field multiple times without success. The bird was safely removed by the stadium security and the game continued on without a hitch.

3 A Chicken In The Net

During a premier league game between Blackburn and Wigan in England, a chicken arrived on the pitch. The game stopped in order to catch the chicken. After an amazing sprint to avoid being caught, it was finally trapped by a player within the net and safely escorted off the field.

2 A Squirrel Plays On The Field

In the United-States, during a womens soccer game between Philadelphia and New-York, a squirrel made its way onto the pitch. It began to move in circles like a dog trying to catch its tail until eventually security arrived and contained the animal in a cardboard box in order to safely bring it off field.

1 Dogs Everywhere

As seen previously, dogs are the animal that invade soccer fields most frequently. Since they can't all be mentioned on the list, above is a video compilation of multiple canine interruptions for pure enjoyment.

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