12 Crazy Money Facts About 'The Fight Of The Century'

May 2nd, 2015 may just go down as one of the biggest day in sports. There is so much activity happening: The Kentucky Derby, NBA playoff games and even NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. However on Saturday Night, the eyes of the world will be fixed on one location, and that location is the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas. It’s the venue for the Welterweight Championship boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. The hype surrounding this clash is incredible and when all is said and done, close to $500 million will be generated all over the world from ticket sales and pay-per-view revenue. Not to mention all the bookies and betting houses that will be raking in big cash too. To get you ready for the fight Saturday night, here are 12 money facts about the big fight.


12 Highest Live Gate Receipts of All Time

There’s a reason that this fight is being called the fight of the century; because it quite literally is. For this epic Pacquiao and Mayweather clash, the live gate receipts are going to be higher than ever before. “Live gate receipts” is the term used for the actual amount of money generated by ticket sales. The last record set for this amount was $20 million in 2013 for the Mayweather/Alvarez fight. For the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight, the expert projection is that live gate receipts will be in the range of $70 million.

11 Highest Number of Pay Per View Purchases of All Time

For those of us who don’t have the disposal income to travel to Las Vegas, Nevada to watch the fight in person, the next best thing is to order it on pay-per-view. For this match of the ages, the number of people buying PPV access to the fight is likely to break the current standing record. The last record set was for the Oscar De La Hoya/Mayweather fight in 2007, and this number was 2.48 million purchases. For this bout on May 2nd, executives at Showtime and HBO are saying the number of purchases is likely to be 3 million or more.

10 Highest Pay-Per-View Revenue In History

So in the previous entry, we told you about how the number of PPV purchases for this fight is going to break the standing record. Now we are going to let you in on the total amount expected from all these pay-per-view purchases. The average cost for ordering this fight is $99.95 and it’s a hefty tag indeed. When it’s all said and done, media reports are expecting that the total pay-per-view revenue will be somewhere in the range of $300 million for the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada alone. Now that’s a staggering number indeed.

9 Highest Fighter Earnings Ever

One of the main reasons why this fight has generated so much hype is the unbelievable purses that the fighters will be taking home after the gladiator contest is over. Before this fight, the highest boxer earning was for Floyd Mayweather when he earned $70 million in one night for fighting Alvarez. For this encounter with Pacquiao, both fighters are projected to earn around $100 million each. Mayweather is guaranteed nothing short of $120 million and his opponent is guaranteed $80 million. But they will probably take in much more than that when all the Blockbuster pay-per-view earnings are distributed.

8 50 Cent’s Earnings For The Night

It’s not only the two boxers, the promoters and pay-per-view companies making tons of cash on fight night, 50 Cent is jumping in on the action too. According to TMZ, the rapper has mentioned that he’s betting $1.6 million on Mayweather to win the fight and he’s also being paid half a million dollars to perform at Club Drai in Las Vegas. He also made a deal with Effen Vodka to make another half a million for performing two weeks later at a spot called Pool After Dark in Atlantic City. Wow, it seems there is money floating everywhere for this fight.

7 Justin Bieber’s Bet

According to a report on Manila Live Wire, pop singer Justin Bieber will also be getting in on the betting action for the huge clash between Mayweather and the Filipino fighter Pacquiao. Bieber is actually known to be a close friend of Mayweather and has even walked out with him for one of his pervious fights. But it seems that for this fight, he has had a change of heart. The amount he’s reportedly betting for Pacquiao to handle his business in the ring is a cool $2 million. We wonder whether this might just be a sly ploy, and in actuality, he will be betting in support of his pal Mayweather.

6 Adrien Broner’s Bet

It seems that with this mega-fight happening on May 2nd, everyone and their cousin have an opinion on who’s going to walk away the winner. One of those spectators will be the former three division world champion, Adrien Broner. Being that he’s a professional boxing champ himself, perhaps we should take heed to his prediction. This is what he said: “I think he [Mayweather] can stop Pacquiao. I’m betting on a stoppage. I’ll probably put like $25,000 to $50,000 on the fight, but I’m going to put at least, you know, $10,000 on the stoppage. I’d say about eighth round.” That’s a pretty bold prediction in favor of Mayweather.


5 Resale Ticket Prices

This is one number that is probably going to make your jaw drop all the way to the ground. The current resale price for a ticket to get into the MGM Grand Casino where the fight is being held is a whopping $10,859.55. The venue seats 17,000 people and tickets originally went on sale for prices between $1,500 and $10,000. However most of the lower-priced tickets were given to sponsors of the fight and that is why the resale prices have surged so high. With these astronomical numbers, you have to agree that this fight is certainly larger than life.

4 Mayweather’s Net worth + Recent Earnings

Even though Mayweather is making a king’s ransom for this fight of the century, it’s important to know that he’s already filthy rich. He has a reported net worth of about $280 million and last year, Forbes reported that he earned $105 million. That ridiculous amount was the result of 72 minutes of fighting in the ring with two opponents: Canelo Alvarez and Marcos Maidana. He has been #1 on the Forbes list of top-paid athletes for two of the last three years. And you can bet your bottom dollar that this trend will continue into next year as well.

3 Ticket Prices for The Weigh-In

Another reason why there is so much buzz for this fight is that a lot of promoters and fans alike in the world of boxing have been waiting for this fight for a long while. These two were originally supposed to fight in 2010, but negotiations broke down about drug-testing procedures and standards for the match. The frenzy for this clash had reached such a fever pitch that even the ticket prices for the weigh-in of both boxers were selling for an average of $155 a pop. Now that’s what you call hype.

2 Mayweather’s Exorbitant Mouth guard

At this point, you have probably already surmised that Floyd Mayweather is pretty much swimming in pools of cash. So it may not be a surprise to hear that the custom mouth guard he is wearing for this fight cost him an unbelievable $25,000. The special one he had made for this Pacquiao fight is a clear, transparent one with a $100 bill that peeks through. It’s apparently inspired by his business acumen and all the huge cash surrounding this fight.

1 The Puff Daddy & Mark Wahlberg Bet

50 Cent & Justin Bieber aren’t the only ones betting big money on this fight. Mark Wahlberg and Sean “Diddy” Combs not only own a water bottle company together (AQUAhydrate), but they are also betting against each other about the winner of this boxing match. They are both putting up $250K and Diddy is with Mayweather’s The Money Team and Wahlberg is with Pac-Man. This is not a joke either; all the money for the bet is currently being held in escrow and the winner will keep all the spoils.

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