12 Amazing Fan Fails From the World of Sports

No matter the sport, there will always be the fans that are bloodthirsty and over the edge. In stadiums across the world, the emotion from fans has led to electric chants and blood curdling screams when the final whistle blows.

Somewhere in between, there are always those overzealous fans who will do anything for air time or to make their mark on the game. For others, they just happen to be in the right place at the wrong time.

Thankfully, in today’s ever connected world, cameras are always rolling and there is no shortage of people looking to upload the latest video or photo of somebody making a fool out of themselves. Here are 12 fan fails from around the world of sports, complete with fans falling down, being idiots, and people just generally starving for attention.

12 Boston Red Sox Fan Misspells Her Poster

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Bless her heart, but somebody get this girl a dictionary. After Jacoby Ellsbury signed with the New York Yankees during the 2014 offseason, people were obviously upset with the 30-year-old center fielder. Unfortunately for this fan, she not only spelled Ellsbury’s name wrong, but she also used the wrong form of “traitor”. But hey, good effort!

11 Red Wing Fan Fails at the Winter Classic

This year the NHL Winter Classic was held at Michigan Stadium where over 100,000 fans packed the stands for one of the coldest games in history between the Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs. We’ve all seen “that guy” on TV coming up behind the news anchor trying to make a fool of himself. Well, this guy did just that, except he made a bigger scene after it backfired and he slipped on the ice right onto his backside.

10 Boston Fan is Not Impressed

After Alex Avila took Clay Bucholz yard during the ALCS, fans were clearly upset that their team was down 5-0. When the opposing team hits a homerun, fans rarely throw it back, but it does happen. In this instance, a man took it upon himself to rip the homerun ball out of a woman’s hands who had caught it and toss it back in a truly classy act.

9 Dodgers Dad Drops His Kid

If you’re a father bringing your kids to the game, please be sure not to do what this guy did. I know baseball is America’s past time, but sometimes not dropping your kids is more important than catching a foul ball. This guy must have missed the memo, as he seemed to totally forget that his daughter was in his arms as he went for a foul ball. To make matters worse, he didn't even catch it. Shame on you sir, man card revoked!

8 Fan Fails at a Back Heel Kick

For some reason, this guy decided that it would be a good idea to try and kick a ball with his hands full of beer. We all know how pricey adult beverages are at any sporting event, so this one really is a head scratcher. I’m sure you can guess the rest of the story.

7 Kid Dunks Himself at Halftime

We all like a good halftime entertainment show, and for fans of the Phoenix Suns, this was probably the best all season. The high flying fan must have had too much speed upon liftoff, because he FLEW to the rim en route to a massive full-body dunk. He got the ball through, but half his body went through as well. Hopefully he wasn't hurt because this had the makings of a bad accident written all over.

6 Yankee Fan Catches Some Zzzz's

So apparently watching the Yankees playing baseball this season really is that boring. While one of the greatest rivalries in all of sports is between the Red Sox and the Yankees, this guy must not have been that impressed. It’s not even like the game was dragging on; he was caught by ESPN out cold in just the fourth inning and his team was winning! Meanwhile, you have to admire his friend next to him, just minding his own and eating his food like nothing is happening.

5 Fan Gets Levelled at the MLB All-Star Game

This is one of those fails that has the person just begging for attention. Apparently, the fan tweeted before the game that if he received 1,000 retweets, he would run out onto the field. Well, it was not a bluff and he ran out onto the field and almost made it to second base where he was the victim of a beautiful double leg take down by a Citi Field security guard.

4 Victim of the Kiss Cam

Just as there are the fans who seek attention, there are those that are just in a bad spot at the wrong time. While it appeared that the kiss cam had zeroed in on him and he had nobody to kiss, the couple above him began to lock lips. Too bad Rico Suave couldn’t hold onto his beer, as he dumped it all over the fan that was sitting alone in the row below.

3 Mr. Muscles Can’t Open Bottle

I’m sorry, but if you look like you can tear a phonebook in half, you should probably be able to open a bottle of water. On a hot day in New York, this jacked fan must have been a victim of sweaty palms, because he couldn’t get the top off his bottle of water while the camera was watching. Suddenly, a collective sigh was heard from bodybuilders all across the country as he became embarrassed and the media had a field day with showing the clip over and over.

2 Alabama Fans Are Crybabies

Maybe it’s because they take football so seriously, but any time you can see a Alabama fan crying, it will make your day. After being down 37-24 in the 2014 Sugar Bowl, ESPN found a couple of Bama fans that were already letting the waterworks flow. With over 10 minutes left in the game, these guys knew the game was over. Unfortunately, Jim Rome made the situation even worse when he put them on blast the following day on his show as a caller said that he bought a HD TV just to see the tears rolling down Alabama fans’ faces. Roll Tide baby, roll tide!

1 Bronco Fans Bull Rush Their Own Vehicle

The NFL could be summed up in three words; beer, testosterone, and fandom. NFL fans are some of the wildest fans in the country, especially after they are six beers deep before kickoff. Here, we have a pair of Denver Bronco fans that felt they could take on their vehicle headfirst. Not only was it wildly dangerous, but it was also incredibly stupid.

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