10 Of The Worlds Sexiest Female Athletes

Sports is one of the biggest businesses around. Athletes these days can be looked at as self-contained, household brands. They are able to command large amounts of money in endorsement deals or by even just making an appearance at an event. In the following article, we talk about ten female athletes who are not only known for their skill and technique in their respective sports disciplines, but they also have huge followings because of their sexy appearances. Some of these athletes include surfers, tennis players, track & field professionals, UFC fighters and much more. Take a look below, there are probably one or two athletes that you will most likely recognize.

10  10. Danica Patrick

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At the age of 32, Danica Patrick is certainly one of the sexiest women in sports – and the impressive thing is that she has accomplished this in a lane that is very much dominated by men. She is the most successful female ever in the history of American open-wheel racing, and when she’s not driving at high speeds, she is one of the sexiest celeb personalities around. For several years, she’s been the main face of internet domain company, godaddy.com. People often say that sex sells, and both men and women love to watch Danica perform on and off the racing track. She’s only 32, so she has many more years in the limelight to come.

9 Michelle Jenneke


There is no doubt about it, Michelle Jenneke is one of the sexiest athletes in the world. She is only 21 years old and hails from Sydney, Australia. She is a world class hurdler and she won a silver medal at the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics. She was also at the 2012 Olympics and that’s when she got on everyone’s radar for being very unique and very sexy. She has even appeared in videos for popular websites like worldstarhiphop.com where she showed off her sculpted physique and attractive looks. You better believe that whenever she’s running a race, guys everywhere are tuned in and watching her every move.

8 Ronda Rousey

This sport like many was once male dominated, but UFC is no longer just for men. It just seems like such a violent and deadly activity, but the truth is, there are men and women out there who can handle almost anything. The 28-yr-old Rousey is a reigning champ in the UFC, and to date, she is undefeated. She even won an Olympic medal in Judo at the Summer Olympics in 2008. In addition to her stunning ability, she is also very easy on the eyes, and her sex appeal definitely adds to her overall popularity.

7 Stephanie Rice


The United States has a swimming prodigy by the name of Michael Phelps, and Australia has their own swimming superstar named Stephanie Rice. At the 2008 Olympics, she won three gold medals and she was even awarded with the Medal of the Order of Australia in 2009. She also won the Australian edition of celebrity apprentice in 2013. She is an amazing athlete that happens to be very sexy too. It’s really no surprise that men love to watch her compete in her sleek, curve-emphasizing swimsuits.

6 Leilani Mitchell


Most men tend to be intimidated by tall women with imposing physiques. As a result of that, the last place men usually look for women is the WNBA. However there is one exception to that rule in the form of the 29-yr-old basketball player Leilani Mitchell of the Phoenix Mercury. She is 5’5”, extremely talented and very beautiful. She has dual citizenship – American and Australian – and no matter what continent she plays in, she always has a large legion of male fans admiring her beauty and awesome basketball moves.

5 Sally Fitzgibbon


There is something so appealing and endearing about Aussies. They have such low-key and welcoming attitudes, and it’s no wonder that one of the favorite sayings of Australians is “no worries.” One Australian surfer that has made a name on the international scene is Sally Fitzgibbons. She is 24 years old and she has already represented her country in surfing tournaments in Brazil, Portugal and several other countries. She has been sponsored by huge brands like Roxy and Red Bull, and she is definitely a name (and sexy athlete) who will be on the scene for many years to come. 

4 Kiira Korpi

Let’s admit it, the last thing most guys would be willing to watch on game night is figure skating. But when one of the skaters is Kiira Korpi, you’d be surprised to see the amount of guys lining up to watch her perform. In her homeland of Finland, she’s known as the Jaaprinsessa (or Ice Princess), and this moniker certainly describes her grace and alluring beauty on the ice. She has won three European medals and is a multiple national champion. When she’s done skating, she could easily become a model or an actress. She has the good looks and appealing aura to be a star in both of those fields.

3 Sloane Stephens


For the last decade or so, the female tennis world has been dominated by names like Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova and Venus Williams. However there is a new crop of stars on the way, and one of them is the sexy and talented Florida player, Sloane Stephens. She’s currently ranked as #33 in the world, and she even reached the semifinals in the 2013 Australian open. She has a lean and svelte physique and a knockout smile. When she’s slamming tennis balls around on the court, she is certainly one of the athletes that guys love to watch.

2 Sage Erickson


We’ve already talked about one surfer, and the next hot female athlete that guys love to watch on this list is another surfer too. Her name is Sage Erickson, and she is currently 23-yrs-old and hails from Ventura, California. She has been a star on the Pro Junior circuits and she qualified for the Women’s ASP World Tour in 2012. She has a stunning surfer body and also happens to be very fashionable and extremely photogenic. Sage definitely has natural star quality and is already sponsored by huge brands like Oakley. There are many more bright lights and accolades in the future for this young California beauty.

1 Kaylyn Kyle


There are very few sports in the world that get people more fan-crazy than soccer. It’s definitely a guy’s sport, but there are also many women that will set everything aside for a great game of soccer. Even though men’s soccer definitely enjoys more viewership, the world of women’s soccer also produces a lot of stars. One of the sexy stars of the women’s game is Canadian soccer player Kaylyn Kyle. She plays for the Canadian national team and on the club level, she’s part of the Portland Thorns in the National Women’s Soccer League. With a sexy physique like hers, Kaylyn definitely scores high with her male fans both on and off the soccer field.

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