10 Richest Athletes Involved in Shocking Scandals

richest athletes shocking scandals

What is it about making tons of money and doing bad things? It certainly seems to be a recurring theme in the world of sports. From football and baseball, to cycling and golfing, there seems to be a scandal everywhere we turn. The rich and famous are not immune to giving in to temptation; in fact, they may be more likely to engage in risky behaviors. Steroid use, cheating, and sex scandals run amok in the world of athletics, and some stars can recover from them while others find their careers nearly ruined. This list of the 10 richest athletes involved in shocking scandals will remind you that just because they are making millions, does not mean their lives are all peaches and cream.

Some fans may decide to stop rooting for their favorite football player or boxer, while other people try to forgive and forget. If one thing is certain it is that even the richest athletes in the world can do some pretty stupid things and suffer the consequences. Read on to learn more about ten athletes' shocking scandals. You may remember some of these events, or they may give you new insights into what sportsmanship and teamwork are to these players.

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10 A-Rod's Human-Growth Hormones

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Despite trying to keep it under wraps and then denying it, Alex Rodriguez finally admitted that yes, he did use human-growth hormones. And yes, he did get them from the Biogenesis clinic. After fighting the allegations and suspicions for so long, the world was finally exposed to the truth. A-Rod had indeed bought drugs, and he spent about $12,000 every month for almost two years. Even worse, he bought these steroids from a man who was not even a real doctor. He even used his own cousin to be the middleman between himself and the drug producer. It looks as though A-Rod's suspension from baseball was totally justified.

9 LeBron James' Cheating

8 David Beckham's Affair

Not only did David Beckham cheat on his wife (former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham) but he did it more than once. That's right, his “mistress,” Rebecca Loos came back with a vengeance after a 2004 affair with David. Loos served as David's personal assistant while he was playing for Real Madrid and she was quite cheeky. She pretty much thought she was married to David and was overly obnoxious about the whole debacle. Rather than be discreet about her wrongdoing, she loved the negative attention she garnered from it. She claimed that she was not ashamed for revealing herself to be David's lover on the side, but she did not like the way she did it. Well, isn't she kind?

7 Barry Bonds' Steroid Use

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6 Terrell Owens and Hot Messes

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Among the most hated athletes of all time is Terrell Owns, who has gotten into more trouble than even we would like to admit. Owens has been in the news for a variety of issues, such as cheating, marital troubles, nude photos, drugs, and police allegations. The latest scandal involved Owens' ex-wife, Rachel Snider, who attempted to kill herself. Owens and Snider ended their marriage after a tumultuous divorce that included fighting over child custody and payments. The football star has been trying to dodge negative media spotlight for years now, but we are never sure if his antics are ever over for good.

5 Floyd Mayweather's 8 Allegations

4 Tiger Woods' Sex Addiction

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3 Kobe Bryant's Sexual Assault

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2 Lance Armstrong's Doping

Professional cyclist Lance Armstrong spent years trying to deny accusations that he had used steroids in his many victories in the Tour de France. He finally admitted that he had doped up to enhance his performance during the races and was consequently stripped of his winning titles. His seven wins were most likely the result of his multiple uses of various substances, such as illegal blood drugs, human-growth hormone, transfusions, testosterone and cortisone shots, and more. There was a one-thousand page report about Armstrong's drug use and the world was taken aback by his extensive use as well as the fact that he lost all of his pride and joy – his wins.

1 Michael Vick's Dog Fighting

When Michael Vick, athletic superstar, was convicted of participating in a dog-fighting scandal, the entire nation was in an uproar. Some wanted Vick to be banned from football, while others took a more graceful approach and extended forgiveness to the athlete. Others took the incident as an opportunity to plug anti-animal abuse efforts and speak out about violence against dogs and other creatures. Vick was one of the organizers of a dog-fighting ring called “Bad Newz Kennels” and was in charge of holding fights that included over fifty pit bulls. He also engaged in gambling and the deaths of a number of dogs.

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